For us in the USA, what is recommended subscription for watching cycling races?

I use Red Bull for XC MTB World Cup, but for spring classics (road) etc… what is the general consensus? Last year I was going to go with Flo Bikes - they advertised a $12 a month rate - but when you attempt to sign up the entire year is charged. Had they been clear about that it would be one thing, but slippery pricing tactics raised a red flag.


I highly recommend GCN+, you get lots of great cross and road races. Unfortunately, that leaves out the ASO races. But they are carried on Peacock now, which we get free. Flobikes is really expensive for what I get out of it, so I don’t.


Thanks Charles - I know broadcasting is newer for them… have they been reliable with their stream/service?

They’ve had some growing pains, but are doing pretty well. I find their iOS app to have some quirks that I solve by exiting and restarting, but I use it through chrome (win10) and it works very well. I love that I get to see races I would never see otherwise.

Also, I like their racing pre/post race and weekly pro cycling shows as well.

Just get GCN+ and a VPN and access through the UK. I’ve still got a Eurosport player account because I was able to set it up on my paypal account and I think you get all the races on Eurosport through GCN+ as long as it thinks you’re in the UK. Once had to watch a stage of the Tour on NBC and would never be able to watch a USDM broadcast regularly, they think you’re a complete idiot and have zero concept of how a bicycle race or even a bicycle works.


Agreed 100% here. As noted above, you can also do Peacock for ASO races (Tour, Roubaix, Paris-Nice, Vuelta) but the commentary is just awful. I get Peacock for free through my Comcast service, but I would rather pay for a VPN so I can watch the GCN coverage vs. listening to Bob Roll and Vandevelde blabber.

FLO is 100% not worth the money….which is also where paying for a BPN will help because FLO has the rights to the Flanders Classics races in the US.


This is the best solution and what I’ve been doing… you miss a few races that are only on Flo but NBC and GCN cover 90% of what i want to watch.

Just be warned that GCN is getting hip to this and blocking access from some VPNs. I’ve learned this the hard way this month when some races were blocked despite the VPN. I’m guessing it’ll be cat and mouse for a little while.

GCN+ and Peacock have been great for cheap.
Occasionally Flobikes will throw ya a bone with a decent world tour level road race, but not often.

A good VPN and a subscription to a language learning site so you can watch the races in Belgian or French. Although SBS shows a lot of races as well, I find the Belgian feed easier to understand sometimes.

This morning I watched the end of Paris-Nice on Peacock (started earlier than usual today), then Ronde van Drenthe and Tirreno-Adriatico at the same time on GCN+. The spring has been fun with all the races.

Sadly that is much of the American viewing public. On the plus side my parents didn’t know anything about bike racing and being explained the very very basics helped get them into watching non TDF races.

I’d give NBC whatever money they’re asking for if they had a second audio option with Eurosport’s announcers.


They used to…if you watched the online coverage, it was Matthew Kennan and Robbie McEwen, wall-to-wall coverage w/ no commercials. It was glorious.

Anthony McCrossen and someone else has been on the coverage since COVID….I personally find McCrossen sleep-inducing, but even that is better than Roll and Vandevelde.

For the Tour, they will likely have to go to two announcing teams again since Roll and Vandevelde will be on the broadcast feed. For P-N, there is no broadcast option, so they can do the online feed.

GCN+ and Peacock is what I use, it’s really not that much for what you get, even if you get the commercial free Peacock option.



I think Eurosport did this with a cookie where if your IP address country didn’t match up to what it was for the entirety of the visit to the site (e.g. you jumped on the website without being connected through your VPN) it would say unavailable in country. Worst case there is always Tiz.


This is really what they should do, on one channel cycling for dummies and on another channel cycling for people who are willing to google what a breakaway is kind of like ESPN Statcast for Sunday night baseball. Pet peeve of mine is when they do the race distances in miles, I use miles for my personal riding but everything racing related online is in Kilometers so it’s a better universal approach to communicating where we’re at in the race, proximity to key geographical features etc.

Just make sure you get a shot of penicillin after your visit….:crazy_face: