Freewheeling Podcast - remove uphill TT

I’d be happy with flatter stages if we added in some pure hill climb stages.

Complete with some rule modification to let the ride go ham on modifications:

  • Trim those drops, who needs drops if we’re only going uphill?
  • Drill out all the parts
  • 23mm tubs
  • 1x drivetrains
  • All padding off the saddle
  • No bar tape

Let everyone build a bike similar to what we see in the UK hill climb comps. This might be semi-serious and purely cos I love looking at really specialised machines like TT or HC bikes.

Aside if you don’t listen to Freewheeling do it, it’s a toss up between this and Nerd Alert for my fav podcasts depending if I’m feeling geeky or not.

Hill Climb season is the best part of the cycling calendar, likewise I love looking at other people’s Hill climbing rigs.

You forgot rim brakes on your list of mods! No hill climber would be seen dead using disc brakes.
Likewise bonus seconds available to anyone who rides a fixed gear hill climber.

I got destroyed by some dude on a fixed at a local comp, he went up like a greased weasel!

My brother has ridden a fixed Specialized Langster on hill climbs in the past but he’s 51kg so he can get away with it.

Me on the other hand will be happy with my gears. I’ll probably do the usual combo of the Catford and Bec hill climbs and aim not to be too near the bottom of the standings!