Fulcrum Racing Zero - bearing replacement

Hi all, my partner’s Fulcrums have developed a fairly obvious rumble when spinning them up. Apart from the noise they surpringly roll fairly well (better than a cactus cartridge bearing). I have plenty of experience replacing cartridge bearings and servicing cup / cone bearings. That said, are there any things I should be aware of when replacing the bearings (cup, cone and bearings) in these hubs?
My main concern is pressing in the new cup into the hub shell.

Cheers in advance.

No need to press anything for the hub bearings. They use cup and cone. The Fulcrum or Shamal manuals can be found on the technical documents, and have each step explained.

Freehub bearings can be checked while you’re there, if they need replacing, you’ll need a press to replace them.


Chiming in on Campa / fulcrum FHB replacements. I have a steel Campa FHB that is like new (being steel ^^), with toast bearings and a broken pawl spring. Good news is that I also have 2 new bearings and a new spring.
Issue is I have a WheelsMFG press with a 1/2 (I assume inch ?) drift, but don’t know which drift I need to press the 6803 bearings in the FHB. I have of course asked WheelsMFG directly but they seem to have gone AWOL.

Also while I’m here: what do you use to punch the bearings out of the FHB ?

As a general rule when inserting new bearings go as wide (largest diameter) as possible to support the maximum surface area of the new bearing. The best drift is the one that supports both inner and outer races but has just enough clearance not to become jammed in the FH body with the bearing.
In a pinch a suitably sized socket and / or flat washer can be used.

Yep thanks. Would have hoped somebody could guide through the jungle of WheelsMFG drifts.

If the old bearings are cactus you can work around the inner race with a small hammer and large pin punch. Be careful to work evenly and gently so as to not wedge the bearing in the body. Some FH bodies have a spacer sleeve that needs to pushed aside to get accto the inner race. You need to support the body on something hollow, or timber blocks etc to allow exit of the bearing - particularly the smaller one that sits against the wheel hub surface (apologises if I’m stating the obvious).

Cheers for that - will check out their tech docs and videos

ask Hambini :love_you_gesture:

The bearings go out of Fulcrum fhb almost freely, do not worry. But BEWARE, the inner bearing is held in place by a locking washer!!!. It needs to be removed first.

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