Funny bikes, pre 1996 . What is in your garage (preferably steel)

Following on from Ronan McLaughlins recent article on the magnificent Pinarello Espada lets see what is lurking in your garage.

I will start with 2 of mine. The track is a Guido Messina with the campag disc, campag pista cranks and ITM dual bars.

Road, well I was initially told it was early 80’s and a Cinelli. As a result I put the drop bars on it but its not a Cinelli (It’s a Vetta) and as it has a Cinelli spoiler BB it makes it later than c1984. One day I will put a spare set of ITM dual bars on it


Not quite on par but both are steel. My 1994 Slingshot RD4 with 650c wheels along with a Schwinn Prologue I refreshed for a friend. 24" front wheel with a super low front end which is adjusted back up with a sky high stem.


Raleigh SBDU 753. Owned from new, but can’t remember what year!!! Possibly 1989.


Both nice, 24" really starts getting funny doesn’t it.

One owner, excellent.

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And to keep this going here is another of mine. Australian built Ken Evans with 700//650 combo and Reynolds 753 tubing. Frame was probably built for triathlon and I put it together after buying the frame only. I had the 650 black front for some time, later scored a cheap rear disk and then cobbled together a mix of parts (mainly 600 tri-color) and some spare ITM Dual bars.

It was done on the cheap but I’m happy with the outcome.


I don’t have a picture just now, but I have a PDM branded Concorde LoPro. I can’t ride it fast, but I definitely got a few ‘riding a bike older than them’ classifications in TTs!


Here is my '87 Peugeot Puymorens, with original Shimano 600 groupset and Reynolds 531 steel tubing. Need to replace the grey hoods with some original gum coloured and tan wall tyres

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You have quite a collection!!


My beloved Red Dawn-


Gordon (Singleton?), super cool thread and superdool bikes! Cheers.

Not Singleton and I still have a few to unveil yet

Lovely bike but I was aiming more for the funny bikes, TT, 650 front wheel type thing with this thread.

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OK I’m on a roll so here we go. c1990 Concorde Astore, again came to me a s frame only. I have the option of a 650 Spynergy front but quite like this Corima.

Running a mid range Campag 9 speed group because I had that spare in the garage when I got the frame.

Apologies for the so so photos

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