Garmin 520 to Wahoo Bolt V2

I’m considering moving from my Garmin 520 to a Wahoo Bolt v2 simply because I can do all the set up on my iPhone, plus I can zoom the data fields due to failing eyesight.

I can buy K-Edge wahoo inserts, so that’s not a problem in regards to keeping my preferred mounts.

Two things I’m curious about is will I still be able to connect to Di2 and also will I still be able to control my Bontrager lights with the Wahoo?

Anyone else made to switch to Wahoo?

Take a look at the Hammerhead Karoo 2 as well. I’ve been thinking about getting one of these and moving away from my current Garmin.

They get good reviews as well, admittedly they are a bit more expensive though.

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I went Garmin 1000 - ELEMNT - Bolt - 530
Di2 works fine, can’t comment on the Bontrager lights
The iPhone setup is much better than Garmin’s button setup imo, but the Garmin has richer functionality if you’ll use it

Currently I can start or stop a ride and change data fields on my Di2 climbing switch and top buttons.

It’s a feature I like and might miss, so be nice if the Bolt did the same.

If you have the bluetooth module in your di2, you can configure the Di2 to send controls to your gps via the e-tube app. This allows you mimic the buttons on the actual Wahoo Bolt.

I have my top of hood right button to be the page button. In the e-tube app you can configure any button for any purpose. So should all be good.

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Yes, I’ve got the latest module and already do that with my 520.

I’m in the same boat - my 520 is getting old and battery complains about being low after a couple of hours. I often think, gee I should change the layout of my screen and then never do it, as it is a complete PITA.

Didn’t know you could replace inserts on K-Edge mount, which I have… GTK.

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I’ve just checked eBay on 520 prices, huge resale value!

Bontrager lights do not currently work with the Bolt.

Do you know if it’s in the pipeline?
I find it very convenient that I can control the lights from my di2 buttons, I’d miss that.

Not that I am aware of.

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Light control has been on the Wahoo wishlist for years. Hasn’t happened yet. I don’t know why not when pretty much everyone else supports it.


I have a 520 since 2015 and have had battery issues in the past. 1st strong suggestion is to charge by computer via USB if you’re not. But if the battery is that bad call up Garmin to troubleshoot. They may be willing to replace it for free or for a small price. I paid $30 for my most recent. My battery lasts forever now with no issues.

I’ve also considered Wahoo for my next computer but not sure I get more than I already have. How’s the Wahoo battery life?

The 520’s battery life is fine, I want it mainly for the ability to set it up via smartphone and the zoom feature.

Might have something to do with the fact that in North America, Trek is also a Garmin distributor…