Garmin Rally pedals with Wahoo head unit

Does anyone have problems calibrating their Garmin Rally (xc200) pedals with their Wahoo head unit? My head unit (ELEMNT Roam) either says ‘error, cannot calibrate’ or when it does calibrate, the torque offset always says zero. Therefore my lower readings are always quite off.

I can calibrate my pedals with the Garmin connect app, but I don’t think that does anything when reading from the Wahoo head unit.

Anyone have any advice on this?

I don’t have any specific evidence in this regard, but I have found that some Wahoo products don’t play well with Garmin products.

I have a Wahoo Tickr that always shows erratic data when used with my Garmin Forerunner….no data, then very high HR, then back to nothing, then some regular HR data, etc.

My SPD-SL rally pedals play fine with my original ELEMNT head unit… have you tried re-pairing or trying to pair over ANT instead of bluetooth (or vice versa?). Try making sure they aren’t connected to the garmin app at the same.

Thanks @Jordan_Weiss - how do you choose ANT+ connection to the Wahoo rather than Bluetooth? I assumed the Wahoo was only BT.