Garmin Varia front light yellow lens

Does anyone know how I can change the lens on my Varia front light to yellow. This would be for front use only. I ride in the mountains and it seems most of the motorcycles I see have front mounted yellow lights. Seems to work better in the sunlight. Thanks.

Garmin doesn’t offer a yellow lens, and I wouldn’t want anything that wasn’t designed for the light. such a lens likely wouldn’t have the beam-shaping qualities of the stock lens. I’m not sure replacing the clear lens with a yellow one is a wise move anyway. After all, the yellow lens will filter out light that isn’t yellow, and you’ll thus be left with a less bright light. Besides, the quality that is going to be most visible on your light is going to be the flash pattern and light intensity. I’ve got my Varia UT-800 set to day flash, and that is very bright and has quasi-irregular in timing.

Back in the day when we travelled to France, we had to paint our headlights with a yellow coating to meet their legislation for all road vehicles. I reckon there must be some of that still knocking around.