GCN+ issues

I recall reading something the other day about issues with GCN+. I’m currently able to log in and call up the menus for GCN+ and Race TV but get “content unavailable” errors if I try to watch them. That’s on the Android app, in Chrome and the Google TV app. Anybody else experiencing issues, or has anyone had this issue before, please? I have raised a ticket with GCN btw, but with the women’s PR coming up this afternoon I’d like to sort this asap. Thanks.

Have you tried with another IP address ? Like with your home internet connection but also with your 4G subscription ?

Hi Jules. Yes, I just tried it on 5g in Worcester, which is 30 miles from where I live, and had the same issue. Back home now, still the same problem.

Sorry to hear that it’s not as easy as an IP issue.

It seems that you’re not alone, many reports on Twitter : https://twitter.com/daniellloyd1/status/1444211766167224323 (see the replies)

Rarely happens to me in the App, but on the computer.
This usually helps in my case:
Logging out, deleting the cookies, clearing the cache, logging back in.

Fingers crossed!

Thanks, chaps. Done the deleting cache etc too, nothing of working. Kind of glad that the issue isn’t just mine though, and also pleased that I still have Eurosport on my TV package as backup.

First world problems eh, having to deal with commercial breaks in the cycling coverage :rofl:

Official tweet : https://twitter.com/gcntweet/status/1444243132162445313

i had an issue yesterday (Friday) and today viewing content on GCN+ from a Windows 10 pc (i have an Intel NUC near to my pc that i access media content on my NAS and the web with)

Turns out it was a Windows 10 update that needed applying. Once that was done GCN+ app is now working fine and i’ve been able to watch Paris Roubaix Femmes this afternoon

Couldn’t work out why i could use GCN+ on my main pc upstairs; but that was updated last week with the Windows 10 upgrade
The Windows upgrade which seems to have caused the issue ie 21H1.

May not be relevant if you’re using Android to view, but if you’re a Windows user