GCN Susbcription

Hello Folks, this probably has been discussed here before; I’d like to subscribe to the GCN + to watch races, shows, etc.

How easy is it? I have a smart TV but not apple. I understand you have to download the app on the phone, but how do I get it to play on the TV screen? Is there a trick, or hidden costs to this practice? I live in the US and would like a dedicated racing channel. am tired of pirate broadcasts…

Thanks everyone!


For some smart TV’s, there is an native app you can use…Samsung has one, for example.

You can also cast the coverage to some smart TV’s, as well. If all else fails, you can use a HDMI cable to run from your phone, tablet or PC to the TV.

The only caveat to that is if you are going to use a VPN to get around the geo-restrictions. For example, you can’t watch ASO races on GCN in the US. If you use a VPN to get around it, then the casting option does not work and sometimes even using the cable can be a bit glitchy.

But overall, it is very simple to use…basically download the app and watch.


Henri_Desgrange is fully correct. To “cast” the coverage means you would use Google Cast or similar function on your phone/tablet and TV combined to show the coverage on the TV, while using the app on your phone or tablet to control the content you want to watch. This is often branded as “Chromecast built-in” on TV’s or available in a media player like Google’s Chromecast.

As to apps on a smart TV: my Panasonic Android TV had the app available in the Google Play Store. You can have a look in your TV’s respective app store if their app is available, before you subscribe.
This FAQ lists that the app should available on Android TV, Amazon FireTV and Samsung TV. This one year old tweet says Roku and Apple TV apps are on the way.


I use the iOS app and Chrome on my Windows laptop to cast to the TV using Chromecast. Watching live it works well 90% of the time. Every once a while there is a problem. Watching replays works really well. Trying to catch up on a live event by rewinding 30-60 minutes to time shift is buggy in the iOS app. It’s a great value. I love it.


I use an HDMI cable from a Macbook to the TV, but I also use mechanical shifters and rim brakes…


Chromecast with Google TV is pretty much one of the best user experience. ( the latest one with the remote) , so you can sit and enjoy navigating the races with a remote, as well as enjoy easy pause / fast-forward / backward with no issue at all…

as well, you can ( and should say really should) , consider a vpn subscription as well if you want to be able to watch every races… ( still many of them are geo-restricted), and so a VPN is a must, with the “chromecast with Google TV”, you can install such app and it’s a child’s play to select a country, connect, then launch GCN and watch any race…

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Just a warning that VPNs are getting less effective. My VPN doesn’t work on my phone with GCN (just keeps saying I’m in a restricted territory) and on desktop only works with certain locations. When I complained to them, they said GCN wasn’t supported. Let’s just say my VPN is named for a certain marine predator with a conspicuous dorsal fin…


I have the same issue on android with that VPN provider. The VPN chrome extension works fine for me.
Overall I’m quite happy with the GCN+ + aquatic predator VPN - the price is right for that VPN, since GCN is really all I use it for.

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I have it on my Samsung smart TV, It’s good but to get a lot of the races in the US you’re going to need to run a VPN that places you in Europe. You can do this via a whole house VPN using a specific router setup which should trick the TV app into thinking you’re in the EU. Easier way is to just VPN in on a laptop and plug that into the TV or VPN on your phone and Chromecast/Apple TV screen mirror onto the TV (the latter is a little buggy especially with a VPN). The other content on GCN is meh, and not worth paying for (lots of typical cycling churnalism/marketing and content you can find for free on youtube). You don’t need Eurosport if you have GCN+, I have both and the race selection on GCN+ is pretty much identical (maybe I’m missing some random german circuit races with no commentary).


You should be able to Cast it to it from the App. :+1:

This post is basically me, up until a year or 2 ago, except I have a chromecast dongle now.

Also, the Peacock (ie, NBC) app gets you (a lot of) the races in the US that GCN can’t cover yet. Flobikes have all the rest, but they’re complete bastards and don’t deserve your money.


+1 to this. They just need to go away and have someone else pick up the races.

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