Get Well Soon, Ronan

Didn’t hear it mentioned on the Podcast, but heal fast, Ronan.

Edit; just listened through to the end of the Pod and it was covered.


Oooof…that looks nasty.

heal fast and well, Ronan!

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God, that sounds really unpleasant.

Just in case you‘ve got too much time on your hands and are really reading this, @Ronan_Mc_Laughlin

When you started writing for CT I was skeptical, because you sounded a bit wooden - but you found your own style very fast, and I very much appreciate the content as well as the tone of your articles now.

Get well fast!


Thanks for the well wishes folks. Just got out of hospital and back home now :tada:
Thanks again


Feel better @Ronan_Mc_Laughlin. Looks nasty. Time to enjoy the family and the little things.

Those x-rays were gruesome. I’m so sorry that happened to you & I hope your recovery goes smoothly.

Ronan, I really enjoy your contributions to CT and admire your cycling abilities. My best wishes for a speedy and full recovery.