Going from regular to wide flare gravel bar

I usually ride a 44cm wide bar. My current bar is shallow drop but basically no flare. I do about 50% of my riding on gravel or xc trails, the rest is city.

I put my hands on a richey bar with 24 degree flare and would like to try one. For those who have used both, do you go narrower than usual at the hoods or should I keep 44cm at the hoods and just go really wide? Do people find the 24 deg flare bars a pain in the city due to the width?

When I’ve bought flared bars for gravel/off road it’s been either the same width at the hoods or a bit wider than bars I use on the road. I wouldn’t want to lose the room on the bars to mount bags, lights, a bell and other things by going narrower at the hoods.

Flared bars are nicer for descending but do impact filtering in city riding and also are annoying when going through narrow gates designed for walkers.


I haven’t made the switch (yet) but I think it will depend on how you ride and your preferred hand placement. If you tend to spend the majority of your time on the hoods, I would personally want to keep that width the same and then let the flare provide additional leverage (due to width) in the drops.

So if I decide to make the switch, I’ll keep my 42 c-to-c hood measurement and let the bars flare out from there.

That said, I doubt I’ll make the switch….most of my riding is on not terribly technical gravel roads so I would not get much benefit.


Tried a set of Enve carbon gravel bars that flare 12 cm wider @ the drops. It’s a different experience from my road bars that don’t flare. The wide flare is great for descending sketchy roads or bumpy gravel, but can be a bit of a PITA when negotiating tight gates. Size @ the hoods is identical to my road bike, so I can ride hoods and tops comfortably, though in the drops my hands are farther apart than on my road bike. Just takes a little getting used to.

I’d suggest looking at how much rough descending you would do, and if a lot, then a wide flare makes sense. Otherwise less can be more.

Another vote for keeping the width at the hoods the same. I love flared bars, but you still need to keep ergonomics right on the hoods or you’ll end up with wrist/elbow issues.

My current favorite is the Lauf Smoothie. I like the narrow drop and love the back sweep.

+1 for the Smoothie. The drop is super comfy and i wish my road bike bars were more like it.

I requested the same width bar at the hoods on my Lauf as i have in my road bikes (42; the full build was advertised with a 44) because they’re default was wider and i wanted as much consistent fit feel as possible.

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