Good winter commuting shoes

I have a pair of 45N Ragnaroks that I finally killed. Need less to say I did not like them from the jump. The boa was shoddy at best the laces would crumble and the plastic tab your would use to release the laces wore through. They were not even that warm. I ride them in sub 30F- 10F temps. They did manage to keep my feet dry though.
Does anyone have any suggestions on what to look for next? The Shimano MW7 look good, I don’t think they make them anymore. I’m also thinking of a good gravel/ Cross shoes that I would put covers over. Because I’m thinking winters in north east Ohio are going to be more rain then snow in the future. So any thoughts from those across the pond would be welcome. Cheers

Maybe not what you want, but I just commute on flats and use regular waterproof boots during the winter. Once I got used to it (and put on pedals that can support the much larger shoe footprint) I found it works pretty well. But everyone’s commute is different.

Thank you, but I have flip flop pedals, it is an option. I try to ride a 10-12 mile loop to work on non snowy days. So I’d prefer to clip in to keep my pedaling efficient.

I am a fan of Lake and their winter shoes. I use them on their own, if not wet and not too close to freezing otherwise with Spatzwear overshoes. Writing from Vancouver BC if that helps for temps and precipitation amounts. Rides using these shoes range from 45 min to 8-9 hours. The Spatz overshoes do the job keeping the rain out (when worn underneath waterproof tights, never tried them over top) even on the longer days.

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Thanks, that does help. I was considering Spatz. I’m only doing 1.5 hours on the way to work tops. But it would be below freezing. Does Lake make shoes for SPD cleats?

Lake definitely makes two bolt/SPD models in their winter shoes. See here
Beware, they ain’t cheap! Having said that I have bought a couple different pairs of the summer and winter shoes and do not regret a penny. Excellent fit with in-depth help for fitting and great customer advice. High quality footwear.
The link is to the Canadian site. Let me know how the search goes and if you have any more questions I can help with. By the way I have no affiliation with any Lake sellers or other, just a huge fan of their shoes on my hard to fit feet.

I started to like riding in winter after I tried Castelli’s thickest neoprene overshoe plus their Belgian bootee underneath. Then 3 hours around zero degrees no problem. But too much hassle to take on and off 2x per day, in a hurry etc.

I just got my wife some Endura Freezing point II overshoes, which are neoprene plus pile lining, so tbc how those work.

Just got myself some Giro Blaze winter mtb boots, and if you like the road lace up shoes these are pretty similar in fit, but with room for thicker socks. Even easier than most road shoes to put on though as simple draw cord works and zip cover works really well. I think they are warmer than the overshoe combo above, but have a limited number of rides so far. I can say that they were nice and warm at zero degrees until I went wandering around in knee deep snow for 10 minutes. Then my feet did get cold, probably from the cleat. But zero snow / wetness as the top is tight and got home from a 2h ride with cold but not chilled toes.

The other option appears to be Northwave. If you like the last of their shoes they are also popular here.


I can second Northwave, I’m a big fan. Make sure to get the arctic (fleece lined) version. With thick socks they are pretty warm. Didn’t get on with the “summer” shoes, found the tongue uncomfortable, but no such problems here