GP 5000 S TR 25mm on 23mm rim

Hi all!

Do any of you have any experience with 25mm GP 5000 S TR (older versions have different sizes) on 23mm inner width hooked rim? 28mm are not available anywhere and 30mm ballooned to 32mm after a few days - I ride gravel time to time but it’s too big. So I’m considering 25mm.

Thanks a lot!

I don’t personally but there’s plenty of people on other forums who have tried it and apparently it works fine. Still, it does go against the official guidance so if you end up requiring expensive dental treatment then you only have yourself to blame.

Why not just get a different tyre instead in 28mm? Plenty of good ones out there.

Agreed with Joe here. That is going to be a weirdly shaped tire. Like all tires, the GP5000S is designed to run really fast on specific rim widths. You may be messing up the rolling resistance of the tire by running it in such a wide rim.

Check out the Mavic Yksion (Hutchinson Fusion). Also a great tire that’s fast, comfortable, and has good puncture resistance. Comes in 28!

“With all tires adjusted to air pressures that result in roughly the same comfort level, we see that all tires now perform nearly the same.”

But yeah, I’d go for a 28 on a 23i rim. I’ve used a 26mm turbo pro on a 23i rim and it was fine, but most tires don’t have the crazy tread width of the turbo pro.

I don’t see any issues with a hooked rim. Companies like Cannondale designed their 21mm inner width rims around 23mm tires. HED has also been very safety conscious over the years and I don’t remember every seeing them warn against running a 700x23 on a 21mm rim. Also note that my 23-to-21mm example is a bigger difference, percentage wise, and will have a higher pressures.

I run go5000tl in a 25c on 23mm internal rims. Not exactly apples to apples, but close.

No problems, works great!

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Also, bontrager aeolus rsl 51 is 23mm internal. No where do I see them saying it’s for minimum 28c. I’m pretty confident the Trek-Segefredo team runs 25c.

According the the Cyclingtips launch article, they are OPTIMIZED for 25c tires. Shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Thank you all for your response. It’s kind of funny. It’s all in our heads. I’ll keep them. I haven’t experienced anything like this in a long time. On the way there I broke every single PR I could and on the way back I had the highest average I’ve ever had on a solo ride (34 km/h ~ 21.2 mph). Watts were pretty far from my best performance. I’m switching from Turbo Cotton 26 front/28 back with latex tubes and with pressures calculated by the Silca calculator in both cases. Quite interesting.