Gravel geometry

I’ve collected stem length, spec’d tire width, and other measures in the thought of adding these. The goal with the first pass was to focus on frame geometry (including fork), so measures that will largely not change when swapping out handlebars, stems, tires, etc. (except on bikes with flip chips, etc).

Well, we’ve all come to talk about “frame geometry”. Possibly because a frame is a separate item, because the industry supplies us with it’s sizing, and because it’s “simple” (human nature, emphasized by marketing departments). And because of simplicity we also look at the sizing elements separately.

But a bicycle is a complex item (and putting a human on top of a bicycle is even more so). It’s a system, a web, where many factors are intertwined. And changing one factor affects a lot lot of other factors. Some more, some less.

So isolating elements can only get you that far in understanding the system and obtaining the desired results.