Gravel or mountain bikes Bikes for short folks

As a person of nearly 5’ in height, I had to go custom some 20 years ago when I got a road bike.

What are good cross or mountain bikes for the small in statute? Many thanks!

I know it’s not much help, but my wife is around 5’ in height, and a few years back we were in search of a gravel bike for her and ended going custom as well(now the same builder is making her a mountain bike as well). I’m not sure how much has changed in the last 2-3 years, but anything we found back then for her size just didn’t fit her properly.

However, finding a mountain bike will be much easier from what I remember vs a gravel bike.

I think the original MTBs (26" tire size), with a small frame would work well–my daughter rides a “vintage” Gary Fischer–this is it before I cleaned and updated it a bit–she’s 5’, and it fits her perfectly. The more recent larger wheel size MTBs were just too big, even in the smallest sizes. You can still find fairly recent 26 inchers (carbon frames, disc brakes, etc.) in the aftermarket.

With out knowing what type of riding it’s hard to be to specific but most mtb companies have xs geared at 4’8"-5’3" height. Juliana, sanatacruz specialized all have them. With more kids getting into it there’s alot more on the small size bikes around. Standover on them isn’t bad either depending on what suspension layout you’re looking for. If you are looking hardtail specific that you can do gravel with as well then custom will probably be the way to go.