Gravel Tyre Recommendations

Hi CT forum.

I’m new to Gravel having just picked up my Trek Checkpoint SL5 in April. But as I’ve been commuting and gravel riding on it, I’m finding my first set of rubber has outlived its welcome. I have some Bontrager GR1s which were nice and supple and grippy. But I found them I got a lot of tiny punctures right on the crown. I’ve read similar reports from other users of those tyres on line. (That said they do also look really nice on my bike so they’re still an option for me).

So far I’ve read that the Panaracer Gravel Kings seem well proven. The Maxxis Ramblers also seem to rate well although some say they’re a bit heavy.

In terms of use, I’m not racing so don’t need anything fast. Mostly just commuting to work on bike path, and the odd weekend on hard packed trails. Pretty rare I’m getting into anything loose which would require nobblies.

Any other experience or recommendations would be really welcome

I have Maxxis Ramblers in 700x50 (120 TPI, EXO/TR) and am generally happy with them. I haven’t had any flats and the traction is good. They are definitely more of an off-road tire although the roll fairly well in spite of that. I weighed them at just under 600 grams each.

I ride a fair amount of single track and they work very well for that. If I was mostly riding on pavement and smoother gravel I would look for something lighter. The Gravel Kings are available in a wide range of treads and would be appealing, and I’ve also heard good things about the Specialized Pathfinder.

I am rather new to gravel and I don’t have experience on any any other relevant tires yet.

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If you ride with others, please don’t…those things are brutal on your riding companions, constantly flinging pieces of gravel into their faces. But they are very good tires.

But the answer you are looking for is Goodyear Connector Ultimates. Trust me and thank me later. Best damn gravel tire I have ever ridden.


big fan of the pirelli cinturato hard gravel tyres. probably a 700 x 40 in your case. just gravel raced 140km on them and they were fast and puncture proof.


I vote for Vittoria Terreno Mix 38mm. They werent immediately available last time I changed, so got some Pirelli Cinturatos, which seem to be generally well regarded. The Vittorias are SUBSTANTIALLY nicer to ride.


I like the ramblers, but also Conti Terra Speed for going faster, Terra Trail for the looser stuff

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Hahaha! Some friends call them “Gravel Slings” … With that said, I have to agree, they are an excellent tire otherwise.


Ramblers are good, I like the amount of grip they have and they’re not too slow on tarmac.

I’d avoid all WTB tyres, grippy but slow as hell. Puncture resistance is non existent unless you use the SG2 casings which are even slower.
Had some 45mm SG2 Riddlers on the commuter and they felt like I’m riding through treacle.

The best I’ve used were Michelin Power Gravel, tough, grippy in the dry and fast rolling.


I’m riding the gravelkings (with puncture protection, without knobbies) for ½ year now on my commuter. Roll nice, look nice, but flatted several times already. The tread looks still completely new, but I got a stone just hit through. Might be bad luck. If you look for something more puncture proof maybe look at Schwalbe. Was commuting on a Mondial for 5 years, not a single flat. Of course, it’s a different tire but it makes me thinking about priorities for a mostly commuter bike.

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If you’re just riding on a bike path or hard packed trails, I’d also look at slicks (road tires) on the bike. Just did a 2000 km bikepacking trip through Italy on mainly paved or hard packed surfaces on a pair of 32 mm GP5000’s. Zero punctures, comfortable, fast.

For more gravel-like trips I’ve been running 40 mm tubeless Hutchinson Touareg Hardskin’s. As long as it’s not muddy I’ve really liked them sofar. They’re also available with a brown/tan sidewall if you want to go for the looks.

Other than that, I found the Schwalbe G-one Allrounds quite good, but I found the durability when you ride them a lot on asphalt rather low.

Good luck!


Another +1 for GP5000 in 32mm for commuting and going on a hard packed path on the weekend.

I’ve ridden a set of 33mm Challenge Almanzos on my gravel bike until they died due to sidewall gashes which wouldn’t (permanently) seal. The GP5000 in 32mm are noticeably faster on paved surfaces and are surprisingly good on well-manicured paths. Give you a bit of a beating over rocks and big stones, but much better feel on pavement than a gravel tire when cornering, braking, riding, anything. Might fit the OP’s use case very well.


I have these and agree.

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Depends a bit on what you’re looking for, but a few suggestions:

  1. Maxxis Velocita AR - Light, supple, excellent on road. I’ve found them to be quite fast. 40mm.

  2. Challenge Strada Bianca Pro - Also supple and slick. 36mm

  3. Tufo Thundero - If you want something slightly more aggressive for off-road that is still pretty fast on pavement. 40mm


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Anything RenéHerse in 700 and 650b as long as it is not the Extralite Version

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I have had great success with tires from Vittoria. Particularly the Terreno Dry in 700x38mm TLR version, which measures out to 40mm on a Corima G30.5 rim.


I have been relatively happy with Specialized Pathfinder Sworks 700x42 tyres with similar needs to yours which is commuting and all road riding in hardback gravel and bitumen.

These tyres are fast rolling and relatively light at under 450g and they have been very robust to all conditions with only one noticeable puncture that was fixed instantly by Muc-off sealant. The best thing is the wet weather grip while commuting to work, it is simply outstanding and provides superior confidence to other brands like WTB just when you need it.

The negatives, the price is up there and sure these have only small treading on the edges which is skittish when cornering on loose gravel but still enough grip available to power up steep hills (on dry-ish conditions).


+1 on Vittoria Terreno Dry. They roll much faster on pavement than I expected and small side knobs are just enough for the light graveling I do. Tubeless setup with foam inserts and not even a hint of a puncture in 14mo.


I’ve used exactly this (the terrenos with Vittoria liners) for about 18 months and it’s been great. Strong recommend.

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I’d second the recommendation of Hutchinson Touaregs. They are the most ‘fit and forget’ tubeless experience I’ve had.

Just pulled off a pair this afternoon after they had sat in storage for >6 months. Cleared out old sealant, cleaned and remounted expecting all sorts of trouble. One shot of air from a Milk-it canister later and the tyres had sealed up and held air from the pump on first try!

Really impressed with that.

As to their on road/off road performance they have been pretty faultless on anything other than thick mud.

Not overly pricey either. Seem to be durable so far too with no apparent wear.


To be fair, what you’re really asking for is a high-ish volume road tire with some dirt capability.

The Wtb Riddler is decent - good side knobs, low center tread. Vittoria terreno dry is great, too.

In either case, if most of your miles are on asphalt, you’re going to wear down the center tread and the tire becomes a slick pretty quickly. With that in mind, I’d put you on the Vittoria Terreno Zero - slick in the middle, good side tread, and super reliable.

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