Gravel Wheeset

I am interested in picking up a second wheelset for my gravel bike. Looking at the Mavic Allroad S and the Shimano GRX RX570. Anyone have any experience with either? They are priced similarly with similar weights. Both 22mm internal width, straight bull spokes, and center lock disc. Really seems to be the cartridge or cup/cone bearing as the differentiator. I am open to either. I have owned Mavic rims in the past with good luck. Curious as to thoughts the group might have. Thanks.

Generally speaking, Mavic is well behind pretty much everyone else in modern rim tech and Shimano wheels are solid but unspectacular. I’d take a hard pass on any Mavic wheels right now and the 21.6mm width on the Shimano’s is a bit narrow for modern gravel depending upon what tires you intend to run. In that price range, I’d lean more to something like the Hunt 4-season; similar price, more width, lighter weight.

I struggle with these questions to the masses, as most people will purchase one or the other and not have experience with both. But since I’m here.

I own the GRX wheelset and I’m happy with them. I had a massive impact on a pothole that put a wobble in the front wheel shortly after purchasing, but I got them back to true without issue and they’ve been solid ever since. They feel light enough and roll well. I was cross shopping them to DT Swiss C1800, but these were easier to find for cheaper. I’m not really much faster on them compared to the stock wheels that came on my bike, but they feel so much better that I’m much happier with the bike after the upgrade.

Re Mavic, those were my thoughts (from my reading), but was curious to other’s thoughts. Interesting that you mention width. This is something I am struggling with. Current set up is Giant CXR- Carbon wheels (21mm id). I run Velocitar AR 700x40 on them. The bike sees very rough chip seal pavement with holes etc. These work well. I am moving to a location with proper gravel roads so looking for a quick change set to equip with more gravel oriented tire. The roads are dominated with a constant up and down profile. Grades of 15% plus not uncommon. Gravel not to deep or rough. The Hunt you mention is 25mm wide. DT Swiss GR1600 are 24mm. My mix will be 50/50 gravel to pavement. Riding smooth roads to get to back gravel roads then back home. I do not want to run a overly aggressive tire. On both of my mountain bikes I opted for faster rolling tires - suits my riding style. I may have given the group too much info but is the thought to go wide (24-25mm) and then a less aggressive tire if thats my choice? I appreciate the feedback.

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Thanks for the input. What tire width are you running on the Shimano GRX set?

Both my gravel and my road wheels are 25mm inner… I run 28-32mm tires on the road and 38-46mm on the gravel and that 25mm width suits them all fine. I definitely wouldn’t run anything narrower than 28’s on a rim that wide though, so if you’re looking to run 23’s or 25’s on the road I’d stick to the 21mm inner width. Currently running GP5k 32’s on road and Challenge Gravel Grinder 42’s on the gravel which sees about a 65/35 mix in favor of gravel and really pleased with the performance of both on both wheelsets. Tires will plump up a big wider on the wider ID but not absurdly so, the 32mm GP5k’s are sitting at about 33.5mm or so, the 42mm Challenges are at about 43mm… Last 28’s I ran came in just over 29mm.

Might be worth a try seeing if anyone in your riding circle runs wider ID rims and asking to take their bike, or wheels, for a quick spin to see what you think… personally, I’ve found the 24/25mm “all road” rims a lot of brands are making now to be the sweet spot for what and how I ride.

If you’re wanting 25mm inner rim width then how about DT Swiss xr391 rims, Bitex hubs and either 28/28 or 32/32 spokes depending on the system weight?

Shouldn’t cost anymore than the options you listed and may well be lighter. Plus if built locally they’ll probably be happy to repair if required.

I’m running a continental terra trail 40mm front, panaracer gravelking sk 38mm rear.

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Scribe’s gravel wheels all look pretty excellent to me.

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I’ve got a set of DT Swiss CR1400 and the Roval Terra CL - both are excellent.
I used the DT over winter and the Roval summer.
The CR1400 are a good chunk lighter (+200g) than the gravel-specific DT wheels but still relatively wide internally (22mm), they’re intended as a CX wheel so they should be tough enough for the gravel you describe. I’d choose these over Hunt or Scribe.
The Rovals are obviously a bit more ££ but they’re great, DT hubs with the 36 racket, super light rims (same as the CLX model). Stiff but not overly so.

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