Hands off bars and unbalanced

Hi all,
I’m soliciting feedback about something I’ve noticed lately on my mountain bike. When I sit up with hands off the bars and pedal, my Scott Spark RC wants to veer off to one side. I can’t say I’ve noticed this in the past, or, at least not as pronounced as it seems now. But maybe I’ve just missed it.

There are new pads on the brakes, and the front rubs a little. Could that mild drag on the disc be the culprit? Cleats adjusted in or out more on one foot than the other? The frame itself not completely balanced? I don’t notice this on my road bike, which has rim brakes. Both have the same saddle, Specialized Power Pro.

I’m not completely sure if any of these conditions might cause a bike to not roll straight. Just wondering if others have ideas or experience (over) thinking the same thing. Thanks.

Did you change your cable housings/brake hose?

Do you sit crooked on the bike? This happens to me when one of my hip flexors tightens up and I sit a bit twisted on the saddle.

I had this experience when my headset was beginning to fail. Basically it would shift over into one of the notches and there’d be some internal resistance/notchiness so the front wheel couldn’t self correct and stay straight. Unfortunately noticed it during a race when I was trying to remove my vest and couldn’t take my hands off the bars.


That’s interesting to consider. Could be. Over the last years I’ve been hyper focused on symmetry and using left and right muscle groups equally. It’s been a problem in the past.
But doesn’t seem to happen on the road bike. Or, maybe it’s time to compare in the course of a day. Thanks.

Will check that out. Thanks.