Has anyone had experience with Rapha MTB gear?

I’ve been seeing more and more ads of Rapha going into MTB apparel and I’m curious about if anyone has worn their new stuff and what your thoughts are.

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I bought their trail shorts and bib liners. The bib liners are really lightweight and have a convenient pockets in the rear. I like them, but they are very very lightweight (which is great) but unsure of the durability at this point. They definitely don’t have as much compression around the legbands as I’m used to (they grip, but not tightly).

The trail shorts are really nice but a bit baggy for my liking (I like them with a bit more of a lean cut as I’m more of an XC rider). They’re very similar to my 7Mesh Glidepath shorts except for the Rapha ones are thicker material. But overall I’d recommend them. Great pocket placement, durable, good fit.


Thanks Wade! I appreciate your insight. I’m keen to see what’s next on the pipeline for Rapha

I have their 3/4 sleeve MTB top. Works well and withstands being brushed against brambles

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