Have we reached "peak aero" under current UCI rules?

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For the last couple of seasons is seems like aero bikes, wheels, helmets, bard, and skinsuits are starting to look the same from the different manufacturers. Do you think we’ve reached peak aero under current UCI rules, and if not, where else do you think we could see some marginal gainzzz under the current UCI rules? My only thought is that the new UCI rules for tube ratios/thickness and compensation triangles will make bikes maybe slightly more aero but that’s about it.

Just my $0.02, but I think we are pretty much there, it’s just whether or not pro teams and amateurs alike have the money and time to invest in them.

We’re probably close to the peak under current rules. CdA can only get so small for any rider volume. When you get the UCI quibbling over things like Ganna’s skewers, you’ll know that the low-hanging fruit has been picked. There’s probably still some flexibility with the road bike position depending on what work-around people find to get close to the Invisible AeroBars position. Taco vdHoorn’s position for his Giro stage win was probably peak-2021 roadie aero.

But since Tri bikes are still different from TT bikes, and presumably more aero, then there must still be more gains to be had out there, if the UCI can be dragged along.


  • Super wide fork legs and seat stays à la Hope track and TT bikes or Factor Hanzo could open up a new avenue for design.

  • Ribble’s aero bar to shape airflow around legs is only one piece but again looking at a whole system could be something else other brands investigate.

Clothing, helmets, aero cranks and the rest I feel are peaking and I don’t reckon real world use would show much improvement. But in my defense I am not an expert!

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You will see more integration, cause that secure more revenue to the bike manufacturer by integrating more proprietary elements, but also improving the overall aero. Dropping some actual standards will improve aero regardless of UCI rules.
Simplon by removing the hoods clamps shaped better the bar behind the hoods, Cervelo open stem is another interpretation that may develop. A possible route not really explored is around the disc-brakes integration either the caliper or the front-housing.

Boost road spacing is coming. You’ve just justified it with the need for wider fork legs and seatstays.

Maybe, maybe not.

For MTB the big advantage is stiff/strong wheels, I feel for road the spoke angle isn’t holding it back. I can see wide legs with normal dropouts. Think cartoon western gun fighter!

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Rules changed from this year on and now we’re seeing the first new aero bikes under the new rules. The new Simplon being a case in point.

So, no - it will take several years for all big names to build a road bike exploiting new rules which bring road and TT closer together.