Helmet and light combinations that work

I would like to hear from other riders about helmet and light combinations that work well. My use case are rides three to four hours in length on unlit car-less paths after sunset. I already have a light on my handlebars (Bontrager Ion Elite R) and would like to add a light to my helmet to improve definition of surface conditions. Thanks in advance.

So your challenge will be balancing run time and brightness…3-4 hours is a pretty long run time for most lights and will require you to run on the lower power settings.

My gut reaction is that you will probably need to find an external battery system with cables to the light to find the best balance between the two.

You can actually find some pretty decent light systems for cheap on Amazon. See link below for a system I bought a few years ago (but the 4000 lumens claim is total BS. On the brightest setting it is maybe 1200, which is still damn good).

I second Henri here. 4 hours run time almost certainly means an external battery, and your best option there is likely not from a cycling name brand. I can’t do l figure out for the life of me why name brand lights are so expensive when they don’t perform better.

1200 lumens is a lot of light. Most quality LEDs produce around 100 lumens per watt, so you need a serious battery (around 50 Wh) to power such a bright light. Most people I know run a helmet spotlight and a wide light on their bars. That would be the direction I’d suggest, too. I hate to say it, but your best results will probably be on Amazon, with better prices on AliExpress, if you’re willing to wait a month for shipping.

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I see that you mean front light conditions, but I came into this thread to recommend my Met Idolo, which has a built-in rear light and is the most comfortable helmet I’ve owned.

I’m not sure how that will match up with headlight mounts.

Cannot recommend highly enough the Exposure Joystick: https://exposurelights.com/joystick-mk15

No faffing with battery - you’ll easily get 4 hours out of running it on reflex mode with a very high quality of light output.

Longevity and servicing is fantastic. I’m still running my 12 year old Joystick which I just recently got a new battery replaced for £30 GBP. I see no reason why it won’t last another 10 years.

At the Outbound Lighting booth at Sea Otter they had a variety custom mounts to work with various helmets, but I’m not seeing that variety on their site- they’re getting a nylon 3D printer and are probably still bringing it up.

Their only helmet light- the Hangover- has a little over 3 hour runtime on medium (longer on low, of course), but it can also charge and run off a USB power bank to get you past that four hour mark.

It’s marketed as a trail light, but I figure their/any beamforming is better on a helmet- on road or off- than the regular round beam most other lights have.