Helmet hair

I have unruly curly hair. To avoid looking exactly like Borat, I need to be very careful about not mussing my hair throughout the day. As such, I rarely ride my bike for any reason other than recreation anymore; putting on a helmet dooms me to looking like a goofy sitcom neighbor or mad scientist (I am not either of these things). Not the way I want to arrive at work or a social function, generally.

I just got a short haircut, which hopefully can help matters.

Anyone have any tips for dealing with this issue? Helmets for the style-conscious? Hair product?

Responses from curly-haired people only. The rest of you don’t know how easy you have it.

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Cap under the helmet which is also worn in the café?

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I am in the same boat. I only wear my helmet for recreation/sporty ride or when I was commuting, I don’t use one when running errands. But that doesn’t really solve anything as I am also a motorbiker anyway.

Let’s just say that I just try to keep my hair short and wear a beret-cap or a fedora hat 95% of the time I am socializing and if I run into a hair issue I head right to the bathroom to fix it.

I don’t think there is any helmet that can fix that. If you want some protection but not wear an helmet om non recreationnal rides there are some kind of helmet airbags that can do the trick. They are awfully expensive though.

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… Engage


I usually run a buzzcut but I have curly hair when it gets longer.

I’m sorry to say that hat-hair is unavoidable. Once a helmet goes on, you must make sure that you have a hat ready to replace it at the end of the ride if there’s no shower available.

With great curls comes great responsibility.

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I don’t use my bike for much aside from recreation but I find myself riding my motorcycle for non-recreational purposes quite often. I subscribe to the ATGATT school of thought and a full face helmet leaves a nice bit of helmet hair. Everything but ultra short makes you look like a schlub. Try to avoid long rows of vents as they tend to make your head look like a field that has been freshly plowed.

Also don’t not wear a helmet for commuting. I’ve told this story before but I’ve only cracked two helmets, once because I took a corner too hot in the wet trying to get out of the way of a car and the other on a Monday commuting to the office after I raced on Sunday. Was rolling at 12mph, beautiful summer morning, still on some super grippy and supple tubulars from the day before, due to sun glare I missed the patch of wet steel transom at the end of a wooden bridge, low sided, and smacked my noggin into the concrete.


I shave my pate, so my hair is unaffected by a helmet.

Embrace and revel in the chaos of your unruly hair! I had massively thick wavy hair and despite the challenges of managing it, I would happily trade it in an instant for the easy to live with but sad wispy halo of white fuzz I have now😀


Thank god for male pattern baldness :grinning:

That’s an actual picture of me :point_up_2:

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I find that the Bell Annex provides acceptable helmet hair. Usually within 30 minutes of wearing the helmet my hair returns to an acceptable state lolol

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I commute in and have unruly hair and sweat a reasonable amount. I have taken to carrying a small towel and change of shirt in my backpack, and when my hair gets too long I toss in some product. it is annoying and adds time. But when I get where I’m going I have to hit the bathroom and put my self together for polite society

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