Help choosing new wheels

Hi there,

I’m looking to buy the new wheels and choice has been narrowed down to these two:

DT Swiss ERC1400 45 or Campy Bora WTO 45

As a background info, I’m running Giant Defy Pro 1 - mostly doing mixed terrain and moderate climbs (up to 1h) - rides usually 50-100km. I weigh 90kg. Would be running tubeless with 28mm tires.

My take on the wheels - being attracted to Campy for hubs, obviously the looks and overall high quality and durability. Also likely better resale value. On the downside 26/19 width profile might not be the most modern one, also I’m not sure about how tricky the maintenance would be. As DT goes a bit more understated look, also looks very nice. Hubs should be also very very solid. I do like wider rim profile 29/22, seems like more future proof one. Also in the DT lineup these are endurance classified and rated for 15cm drops, hence should be quite solid. Maintenance should be quite easy.

Price here is about the same - I guess it seems that heart is leaning towards Campy and brain is saying DT :slight_smile:

Any thoughts, comments, real-life experience with this wheels would be highly appreciated.

Many thanks

I would go the WTO’s, their quality is highly regarded on many many forums less reputable.

Yours is the first mention of the rims being described out of date that I have heard of?

Thanks for the input. Was not trying to say outdated, just not up to the recent going wide hype :slight_smile:

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The two way fit system that Campag uses for their wheels will make tubeless that bit easier as you don’t have to faff with rim tape.

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Thanks - valid point.

If you’re going tubeless I’d strongly recommend you to consider 30 or even 32 mm tyres. The lower the pressure you can keep, the easier it will be for the sealant to work, not to mention that the road is much nicer @ 60 psi and lower. :slight_smile:

Regarding your wheels: I really don’t think you can go wrong with either, but my experience with dt hubs would make me go there anytime.

Thanks for the input, once I clear up the stock, will likely try 30mm.

45mm height, you’re after some aero gains? Are the 28mms you’re planning or the suggested 30mm the best combination with these wheels?

@S-car , I am not sure there is such an absolute “best combination” for width it depends on too many factors, including, but not limited to: bike, wheels, rider height/weight/morphology, ride type, location and its environmental conditions as well as your goals for your bike/wheel/tyre.

My personal anecdote: I had a Cervelo R3 with Enve SES 4.5 and 23-25 mm tyres, meant for Strava PRs and riding fast and that was quite good. After quite a few years and several changes both within myself and my goals I’ve switched to a Specialized Roubaix with Hunt Limitless 48 and 30mm tubeless (measuring 32+) which I love as much as the former.

I know it sounds confusing at first, but it is quite liberating, actually: there is no right setup. But as long as you know what you want from your ride, most equipment nowadays can take you there. And I don’t know about you, but as long as it does not get too expensive, I find it fun to try different combinations over and over. :slight_smile:

Yeah you’re right @Leonardo_Nascimento: out-of-the-box there is not a single right. I was led to believe the OP wanted an inside the box answer because of dilemma.

Ride and experiment, in whatever order, is probably the right thing.

Thanks guys for additional thoughts - I’m not overly concerned about aero benefits (after all there is far more potential for that in the 90kg weight department :joy::joy:).
Since I’m really undecided between the two, I guess I was looking for some arguments to make the decision a bit easier - I know that both wheels are more than I need anyhow :slightly_smiling_face:
Priorities would be smth reliable and durable and relatively comfort friendly.

I don’t know for DT swiss, but I can account that with bora wto you can’t go wrong related to reliability /durability…

  • ceramic cup and cone bearings means better serviceability and no need to change bearings often…

  • personally have been riding bora ultra rim brake ( previous to wto) … for > 35 000 kms, with no single issue at all, no broken spoke, anything, so reliability is a non-issue. :slight_smile:

I’ve owned the WTO and they’re great wheels, the quality is superb but the rim specs are a bit dated - which is particularly relevant if you want to use tyres larger than 25mm.

I recently brought a set of Bontrager RSL 51, they’re hands down the best wheel I’ve ridden (I’ve ridden a lot), super stable in the wind, very good build quality and the ‘feel’ fast. The slightly more affordable pro model uses the same rim and DT hubs, they’re just a bit heavier.

That would be the only issue I’d raise with both the Boras and the DT Swiss wheels identified by the OP. They look like they were probably optimized for 25mm tires. Depending on your roads, that may be narrow, or that may be just fine.

If the OP goes and runs 28s or 30s on those wheels, they will be sacrificing some aerodynamics. Question is how much? I think the answer may be not very much.

Something else to consider is that there are new Campag wheels incoming, am guessing we’ll see them again in the TDF mountain stages but might be a while until they’re available to us mortals - Updated: New Campagnolo climbing wheels on Blockhaus - CyclingTips

Campy hubs are very easy to service without any particularly specialised tools so don’t worry on that account. I have no experience with DT.

Just a note to check the rider weight limits on both of the options you are considering. IIRC Campy had a rider weight limit of 80kgs on some of their components back in the ‘00s.

It would be unfortunate to find your warranty voided due to this so please check in advance.

Thanks a lot for additional inputs guys.
Actually DT ones are wider than Campag - measuring 22mm inside and 29mm outside - should be aero optimized for 28mm tyre.
Campag rim profile being a bit outdated seems fair, but also praise about quality and overall being superb wheels seems indisputable based on your inputs.

It says 120kg for all wheels.

One option is to get a pair made just for you by an experienced wheel builder. The Nerd Alert podcast featuring the fellow from Melody Wheels in Perth is a good’un.

If aero is not the top concern take a look at the latest Bora Ultra WTO 33. 21 int/27.4 ext. Stunning wheels. Mine are set up with Corsa 28s. Stunning wheels. Ride quality, stiffness, looks, and the hubs are sublime. Took 6mo after ordering. My shop lent me a pair of brand new carbon Shamals during that time and I was starting to question the 2x cost difference. Until I rode the Boras. Shamals are slightly deeper, but the Boras feel more aero. Must be something to the WTO claims from Campy. Beg, borrow, steal the $$. It’s worth it. Did I mention those CULT hubs?

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