Hövding's airbag on the road

Anyone here is using a Hövding airbag on the road instead of a helmet? While it is marketed as urban item, and I would fear false positive and impromptu airbag deployments on MTB, I don’t see how this couldn’t be used while road riding. Independent studies have rated it higher than any helmet tech (regular abs, mips, wavecell).

Anyone took the plunge? How is the breathability around the neck in summer, is it annoying ? Can it be washed or will it stink from sweat?

I am quite attracted by the potential security improvements, but pricing is a bit steep (but not more than the most expensive helmets) and if you crash and it gets deployed it is toast while you can still reuse an helmet if your head didn’t hit the ground.

I’ve been using it for aaages. just kidding.

Hövding have been on the list of recommended helmets by one of the major insurance companies here in Sweden (Hövding is a Swedish brand) for years, but was recently removed from that list. The insurance company claimed that new testing revealed that the airbag didn’t always deploy in high speed crashes (I believe the test was for a collision with a car at 50 km/h).

That’s just one data point, but I’ll stay with conventional helmets for now.

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Interesting to know, thanks @Alexander_Bjork