How do I delete my forum account?

So this forum started out well but has become yet another unmoderated mess with thread hijacking, insults and little of value worth wading through the dross. I’ve ‘ignored’ the worst offenders but the ignored comments seem to make up a substantial portion of multiple threads.

I’ve looked but am unable to find a way to delete my account. How do I do it?


Hi @creepingtortoise - I’m sorry you feel this way. We do have volunteer moderators for when things get flagged. Are there abusive messages slipping through? Anything you can point me to?

Let me look into how you can delete your account if you still feel this isn’t dealt with appropriately.

You can’t be serious. There is one very frequent contributor who’s basic approach is to belittle an individual before, during and after making his point, which, according to him, is the only point worth making, and a few others that don’t follow too far behind. There seems to be little to no moderation at all, and as such, has made the site quite tiresome.


Sorry to speak in generalities, but the difference between a forum that’s productive and worthwhile, and one that is tiresome isn’t “abusive messages” or members violating terms of service or whatever, it’s often the mild derision, domineering comments - a lack of being nice. Think of being at a social gathering and getting stuck in a conversation that may not be considered outright offensive, but just kind of sucks, is dominated by a loudmouth, and offers nothing of value. You’re not going to want to do that again.

Moderating a forum is truly a thankless job and not without challenges, I’ve done it, but IMO a forum owner must decide what they want the vibe of the forum to be and then be unapologetic about it. It’s a lot of work and you’ll make some people mad, but that’s how it goes. Those who cry “censorship” or think they’re being treated unfairly will leave, voluntarily or not, and the forum will be a better place. Being a member of several bike forums, I always find BikeForums and Paceline to be full of good people and supportive and informative comments.

This forum is young, and these things take time. There’s good and bad here, but I think it needs more attention if it’s going to become more widely visited.


I just saw a flagged post for the first time, which was a troll’s response to my perhaps foolish attempt to reason with him (I was not the one who flagged the post). Ironically, I thought it was one of his least inflammatory posts in the thread.

I think everyone knows we are all talking about one particular individual only. The person is not abusive but god has a knack of hijacking every thread and then spamming his beliefs till you give in and shut up. The tone is also very aggressive. On a recent thread the person threatened to beat folks who disagreed with him / her. (I strongly suspect it is a “him” though)


You can also simply mute the person. The mute does expire after a while, but I’ve just enjoyed 30-60 days of relative calm here.


I’ve had him on mute since first encountering him: life is too short to spend time dealing with dickheads.

Many threads end up with several holes in them, a bunch of responses to the holes and the gist of the thread getting lost.


the forum has some nuggets of insight and assistance but overall there’s a lot of “man shouts at cloud” vibe — overall it’s become a negative place.


Arguably, the whole “man shouts at clouds” is also reflected in the “OldGrumpyH8ters”(sic.) nerd alert podcast, which I’m sure wasn’t influenced by this forum.

“Old man shouts at cloud” is fine; it’s great actually. People with idiosyncratic ideas they want to share. Maybe their ideas are stupid, but it could generate good discussion. If you think road cycling died with the advent of index shifting, hey, tell the world.

The problem is “Old man shouts at you”… Posts that are inflammatory, ad hominem attacks with no substance, just meant to get a rise out of people. Gotta find a way to deal with that.


Hi @creepingtortoise - the user everyone is referring to has now been banned. Thanks for the heads up.



And thus, a new era begins for the CT Forum.


Oh wow, Wade. That was long overdue. But better late than never, thanks!

Let’s see whether he’ll come back with a new user name.

Last year when he was starting his assault on this forum I asked why we can’t have the possibility to just block people as is possible in Disqus which you used before on the cyclingtips website. The nice thing about this feature in Disqus is that it also makes posts disappear that address a blocked person’s posts.

For for some reason I can’t understand many members of this forum have continued to argue with tbro. So just using the ignore function of Discourse didn’t have the desired effect to cleanse the part of the conversation I wanted to see.

Q. Does logging out of the forum automatically log you out of the main CT page too?

Yes, it does. It’s connected to the same login facility.

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