How do I get back to the CT Homepage from this forum?

Surely there’s a link?
Or do I really have to open a new tab and take myself back there?

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Just click here :sweat_smile:

But yeah, good point, would be nice to have a link to the main website at the top to easily switch.

The expectation is that @Jules_Alain will kindly place a link in each comment.

…but yes, we are adding in a CT look masthead


@Andy_van_Bergen1 I can’t find the ct forum in the Discourse app. Is it available yet?

Yes. I’m using it. Search by the url of the forum that Andy gave out

Got it. He just had a link in the email. The url is looks like the app just takes you to the website. Is that how it works?

I am having issues being stuck in a loop with the Magic Link and the Discourse App not talking to each other…any suggestions?

I find if you have that issue to instead create a password for your account. Head to the floating CT logo (bottom right on and create a new password there. It then replaces the magic link.

Alternatively cut and paste the magic link into whatever browser you are using.

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This is a good question. I sometimes yearn for the days when web designers opened up new windows for every click. Can you look into it CT staff?

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If you click on the CT logo at the top of the screen, you’ll go back to the CT website.

Ah - not the first time I click on it, but the 2nd time it worked. I had tried that before I asked. The first click just took me back to the forum main page.

Worked a treat, Thankyou.

My suggestion is to have two buttons/logos in the header. One prominent button that takes you back to the forum homepage, and then another less prominent but clearly labelled one that takes you back to the CT home page.

So the user can choose whether to go to the forum home or the main CT home. Just make it clear at a glance which button does what.