How do you carry food on road rides?

Thanks! and you’re right, it was a side benefit I wasn’t expecting. I now often skip the packaged cycling food, and just shop at the grocery store bulk aisle. Before a ride I fill up my Pocket Musette with as many Haribos gummies, cookies, etc. as I need for the ride.

What about one of those mostly rectangular vitamin pill jars with the flip top? Should be able to shake a decent number of gummi bears into your mouth in one go. Different size jars available


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Some great advice in here, thanks everyone. I think I’ve settled on cargo bibs… with tassels :wink:


Question with all these bags…I’ve been thinking about getting something for my Diverge (either bar but worried my light may be in the way or bento) but my OCD has me concerned about them scratching something. Anyone have any comments?

I never noticed any scratching from my top tube bag on my previous bike, but my newer bike is nicer and I want to keep the resale value high so I taped the top tube where the bag sits with helicopter tape.

I think issues would be more likely if the bag moves around more? So it might be dependent on the fit. Also, a bag that is pressed against cables might cause issues if it presses those cables against the head tube, or the cables might rub a hole into the bag.

I just make sure I’ve crashed a couple times then bag rubbing is the least of my worries!

But in seriousness I have tape where things rub, make wraps for straps.

3M Helicopter Tape is great for this…

Yeah, iirc I got some samples for a couple quid from eBay which covered the places needed.

I just wear an N95 mask filled with gummies. If you get hungry, just start chewing.

Works like a charm and you don’t even have to take your hands off the bars.


I check beneath my Bento box every once in a while. No apparent scratches. Most bags have a rummer “liner” between the velcro and the top tube.