How do you store your cycling kit

Middle of the winter type question here but I figure if hours of TikTok videos can be dedicated to folding fitted sheets then folding bib shorts and bib tights deserves a bit of discussion. So, how do you store your kit. I don’t have room to hang them so they get folded into dresser drawers. Jerseys, jackets, and under layers all fold up nice and tidy but bib shorts or bib tights just end up like a wad of lycra.
Any suggestions? Anyone work for a cycling clothing manufacturer and know the trick to how they get packed flat for shipping.

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Nothing special here, coats and jackets on hangers, out of season bibs in the dresser (my wife rolls them into balls, and that’s how they are placed on the shelf), in-season bibs on a series of hooks on the inside of my bedroom door, shoes in the shoe case (Japan-style just inside the side entrance), everything else goes in respective drawers (socks, etc.) in another dresser…(and they’re not my “kit” but simply the stuff I wear when I ride my bikes–basically the same things others wear, without out all the company logos–mixed and matched as whim takes me).

It all gets stuffed into the bottom left drawer of the dresser wall my other sports gear. From time to time I’ll organize it by short and long, thermal and summer, running, rugby, cycling, but eventually it all gets messed up again.

Last spring, I bundled all the thermal gear up and stuffed it in a corner of the drawer and left it there til the clocks went back.

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Simply piled in a shelf of my closet.
Bibshort and jerseys don’t need to be folded well…

All my cycling kit is in 2 deep drawers with divided containers for organising.

  • For bibs, I roll them and wrap the bib straps around them. One container for road worthy bibs, one for trainer only bibs.

  • For bib/jersey kits I roll the jersey inside the bib and wrap the bib straps round

  • For jerseys I fold them into a square pack and file them vertically in a container.

  • Rain gear and gilets are folded in another container

  • Gloves, socks, buffs, winter gear all have separate containers.


Zwift kit is either in the wash or stuffed into a drawer.

Nice out of season kit is in packing cubes (one for jerseys, one for bibs, one for socks). Jerseys are folded nicely as per Marie Condo :slight_smile: Bibs are a bit harder to fold.

In season kit I’m likely to wear is on hangers in the spare room.

I use mesh laundry bags in a big plastic storage tub: one for bibs, one for short sleeved jerseys, one for socks, one for cold gear, one for miscellaneous. None of them folded.

I learned a really good technique for storing bibs a few years back - I’ll see if I can successfully describe it with words:

  • Start at the leg grippers and flatten them so the bibs’ side panels are facing outwards
  • Roll up towards the straps
  • At the end, take one strap and wrap it around the whole roll so it stays in place
  • If it’s for a matching kit, stuff this chamois burrito into the sleeve of the jersey

Saves a ton of room in my drawers and makes it easy to find the right kit for the day. You can also roll non-bib shorts, just start at the waistband and fold a leg gripper over to keep it bundled.