How good or bad has been your cycling 2021?

Over the instagram everyone is probably going to define him/herself stoked and/or superexcited and grateful for the extraordinary cycling experiences that 2021 brought them (insert ADV here).

Let’s get away from this for a while.

How was your cycling year? Did you get something good from it? Did you manage fulfilling some of your desires or dreams?

I had a target in riding my bike more, in 2021: I did, thankfully. More days on the bike (grocery rides counted), way more distance covered (+30%).
Notwithstanding a busy parental career (father of three), I threw in also a couple* of century rides which were missing since two years.
Unfortunately, a bike trip is still nowhere to be seen. I miss it so much, hopefully it will happen next year.
Uh, and a new custom endurance steel bike entered in my shed. It’s now my favorite bike.
New roots around town were explored and enjoyed. Fun was had. Very often, curiosity prevailed over distance or elevation goals, which was good indeed.

*many metric, one was a proper imperial one BUT I’m going to ride another one after Christmas

So what about you?


My year was pretty hit & miss. I wouldn’t call it good or bad, it just kind of… was.

I didn’t get to ride nearly as much as I’d like but I did have some really great rides. I went through a pretty painful ending of a relationship & the bike helped me cope (& get into pretty good shape for the first time in a while), but then I had a crash that kept me off the bike for a month.

Swings & roundabouts.

I’m hopeful that 2022 will have more good & more miles.


Overall, my year was pretty good. I’m still working from home, so I was able to get in a lot more short rides. I missed some time during the summer due to a pulled muscle, but that’s better now.

Lots of changes to the garage too - I finally replaced my 15 year old Trek 2100 with something better suited for the deteriorating roads down here (Canyon Endurace), I pieced together all the parts for a gravel bike build (although haven’t had time to build it up yet), rebuilt an old mountain bike with my son, and have a smaller project with my daughter waiting.

No major cycling adventures - just about all of my rides start and end at my house. The exception was Thanksgiving, when I brought my mountain bike up to my parents’ house and rode some of the trails where I grew up.

For 2022 I’m mostly aiming to keep doing my weekday lunch rides, get my gravel bike built up, and maybe take a few days for a cycling trip, or just explore some more of the local trails and roads I haven’t gotten to yet.


Good thread. Nice one @route_Defoe

Mine year, I’d say it was great. It was half in lockdown, half in freedom. This year I added an indoor trainer set-up and a road bike to the MTB and gravel. Did a few big events, metric centuries, 3 day MTB stage race, 2x cycling vacations. Bought a road bike and have just recently competed in local club crits. Went on first bikepacking 4 day excursion. Improved all the metrics (weight, power, etc). My most diverse cycling year yet.


Mine was an excellent year–I challenged myself in the numbers game, trying to outdo anything I had done previously, as in days on the bike (missed 10 days so far this year, with a goal of no more than 15), days biking without a break (have had several streaks, mostly stopped by typhoons, one at 90 days in a row, the next at 84, and now currently at 121, and counting–and there have been some truly nasty days thrown in there) and distance covered (just over 14,000 km at the moment–far enough to pedal from SF to NY, back to SF, and then back to NY, and then some. All good for me.


Impressive! 90 days in a row means you’re commuting, right? Tell me they weren’t club rides at 4 a.m.

Not commuting–just my daily ride (as a professor, my work schedule is very flexible–my daily average on the year is just over 40 km)–my current and best ever streak is, after today’s adventure in strong wind, rain, sleet and snow, 122. Club rides usually only on Sundays (“no truck day” in our area), usually around 120 km.

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A very good cycling year for me, with some differences from earlier years. First of all there was excellent xc-ski conditions until march, so kilometres on my bikes is reduced by around 1500km relative to last year. I also have 2 childerns now, and with daily delivery to kindergarten my cyclingcommutes are drastically reduced (a lot of commute on E-bike, but i am not counting that as cycling).
We have fortunately escaped lockdowns so all in all a good year. Ended up on around 9000 km and 430 hours (low average speed due to a lot of mtb) on bike and 800 km xc skiing. No other sports for me.

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It seems you’re putting your bike(s) to good use indeed


Pretty good. I have followed my training program all year, and just cracked 4w/kg a few days before turning 40, which was cool. I’m on target for 12000km this year, and raced for the first time in almost a decade.

On the negative side: my long term hamstring/lower back issue continues to niggle (I can manage it quite well, but it never goes away), I’m not totally happy with my main bike, and my other half appears to have essentially quit the sport, which is a shame.

But all in all, more pros than cons.


Cycling wise, not great due to having a baby
Life wise, brilliant due to having a baby

Definitely not in the shape I was 2 years ago when I was racing due to lockdowns and baby but right now I don’t particularly care.


2021 has been a great year on the bike. The lockdown(s) saw me working more from home, so I had more flexibility to accommodate my riding.

I’m on target for over 10,000kms, have climbed 116,668 m elevation, and was able to spend an average of six days/week in the saddle.

I was also SUPER fortunate to get my hands on TWO new bikes…a new gravel racing rig, and have just ordered a custom Ti road build. Hard to imagine how my riding life could really improve :slight_smile:


My cycling year has been the same as the rest of 2021. Crushingly depressive and not up to previous year or even expectations.


Refreshingly honest.
I hope things will get better

It went quite ok till July (on track for 10000km+ and some really nice long rides up to over 400km), then I crashed, broke a leg, and still haven’t fully recovered.


I wouldn’t call this year “bad”, but it certainly didn’t go as planned. Planned on completing a 5-century series (KY Century Challenge) but was only able to complete the first two rides. Work opportunity to cover for coworker meant that I was out in the field and away from the middle of June until the beginning of November. Twelve to fourteen hour days with only a few days off essentially put a stop to my cycling year. Was really lousy one particular day, as I was working next to the route of the Licking Valley Century as the participants rode by…

Big positive was that I purchased a new custom-built steel frame road bike, set up for disks and road tubular. Not retiring my other bikes, but my new Capitol is incredibly comfortable for the type of long rides that I enjoy going into 2022. This year I hope to complete a Super Randonneur series as my “target”. Also really enjoying Wandrer and the new routes I’m finding.


I gotta say I had a good year. My 2020 goals were to do more group riding and to actually participate in my first event. Lockdowns and social distancing put a stop to that. Happy to say I achieved both this year. I was able to get out on a lot of the Saturday morning rides some of the guys do in town. And I did one of the last events of the year around here. Next year, I’m gonna try to get to the velodrome park and do a bigger gravel event. Also wanna do a cycling vacation.


Some good , some bad.

I bought myself a smart trainer and a sufferfest subscription and got back to some proper intensity. Power followed which was great as I’d put the work in. Upped my ftp from fairly modest base by 15w.

On the road I racked up my first century in ages. And met some ripping blokes on that ride. But with Melbourne lockdown I didn’t really get to explore many new roads

I expanded my local group of dads cycling bunch by one. Winner as it’s always nice to swap turns with 5 or 6 rather than 2 or 3.

And finally I bought myself a nice roadie. Probably modest by cycling tips standards. But for me I get a huge boner looking at it in the garage. It’s got all the bits I wanted. Nice carbon hoops. 12 speed ultegra di2. Discs. And a smooth ride.

All up 8/10.


Overall 2021 was a quite good year with only a few minor “misses”.
Distance and number of ride-wise I was able to do a bit more than I expected. With no crashes and only one (!) flat tire I was definitely on the lucky side of things.
I also got to do a few races for the first time in almost to decades. It was awesome to get into that, but the results for the first two weren’t what I expected. From then on it became better and I was actually quite happy with the last one.
A week of cycling in Mallorca and a weekend (including a race) in Italy were the icing on the cake.

For 2022 I’d like to do more races and a couple of adventures are planned. I wonder if Covid allows these adventures to be realised. On the other hand, if Covid were no issue anymore, I’ll certainly ride less. But that’s ok too, time would just be distributed to some other sports as in previous years.
I’m also very excited to finally start rebuilding my MTB into a gravel. All parts are in my basement, I just need to find a combination of spare time and acceptable weather (since I have to work outside). I wonder if that opportunity will come up anytime soon with skiing season having started.

Merry Christmas everyone and have an exciting 2022!!!


Pretty tragic. Although lockdown obviously sucked, 2020 was a banner year, a few factors (no morning traffic, 2 yr old not yet at pre-school, great weather) combined to allow me to get around 200km a week from April onwards, mainly in the hills, never been fitter or faster uphill.

This year, we had our second child in April and been renovating our house, so not even going to scrape 1,000km for the year. I’ve managed to not put too much weight on but back to square one, form wise. Still, there’ll be time to get back into it, and now I value even an hour’s gentle outdoor spin, even if it’s frustrating to be so laboured up the local climbs! Even had to sell my CX bike so on the lookout for eBay deals before next autumn rolls around.

(Feel like it goes without saying but I would definitely not trade the moments of joy spent with my baby boy in the morning just to get a PR up Blackstone Edge!)