How good or bad has been your cycling 2021?

After knocking out nearly 18,000 km in 2020 it was always going to be difficult to back-up this year.
Our lockdowns, limited hours and small radius made it hard to get motivated this year and now that all restrictions have been lifted I’ve had a few cbfs on weekends, so I’m going to end up perhaps 1500km short of my 16K goal for the year. Normally weather isn’t a deterrent for me but lately it’s not helped my motivation.
Hopefully I can get my son motivated to get out soon, he needs to get fit for our school summer crit season that starts in February and he’ll come riding with me.

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Hey I feel you about this. I’m a father of three (the last one being 1yo) and 4500 km was a big success for me this year


It has been a mixed bag.

On the upside, despite a month and a half of doing nothing in spring, I will still manage to ride a bit over 9100km by the year’s end, ran about 1050km this year and swam… 19.8km? Hah, if there was ever a medal for finishing triathlons with no swim training, there’s one I could do. I managed to do some epic rides in there, too, and improved my performance on the bike somewhat, too. All in all I can’t be unhappy with it.

However, balancing everything else in my life - four kids, work, wife - has been a challenge which shows no signs of getting any better. That’s hardly the bike’s fault, though. I try to shoehorn my riding late in the evening after everything for the day is done and try to treat myself to a Sunday morning ride. It feels like both too much time on the bike and not as much as I would like.

Will be better someday, I guess.


And it is OK. We don’t always have excellent years. Naturally, I hope next year is better. I could say the same about my year, both in terms of life in general and life on the bike.

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Starting December 27, 2020, I decided to stop making excuses for not riding. After taking a couple of years off, I got a Wahoo Kickr in 2017 and started riding again just as we were having our 4th child. I would ride consistently for 2-3 months, feel good, then stop for several months. We would travel, or something in my schedule would change and I would just stop.

Anyway, so on December 27th I just committed to riding each day. Before I knew it I was at 100 days and decided to keep going. Today will be day 359 in a row. I’m a couple of months past realizing any fitness gains and there are more and more days I have to drag myself onto the bike. I plan to get to the end of the calendar year and then commit to a real training plan with some longer rides and some off days. Riding every day has shown me that I can do whatever I decide to do. Hopefully, this serves me well with a plan to really improve my riding and maybe even some racing in 2022.

I’ll hit 10,000mi/16,000km for 2021 with almost all of it on the indoor trainer after 10pm when the house is finally quiet. :slight_smile:


while 16000 kms on an indoor trainer sounds like hellish to me, i really applaud the commitment! it’s a huge number.


You’re not wrong really, but it ends up being about 8hrs a week. Joining a Zwift team and doing a bunch of TTTs and races helped too. More than anything, it was just my quiet time to zone out.


Bike-wise it’s been a big year for me. I managed to crack 8,000kms and I’m going to try to get it to 8,500km by year’s end. It’s the most I’ve ever ridden in a year. I also bought a new bike (titanium Curve Belgie V3) which I’m loving. So far I’ve manged to ride every week, something I haven’t managed to do before.

I’ve pushed myself pretty hard though. Juggling work, trying to complete a Masters degree and having a kid at home for an entire term hasn’t been particularly great for my mental health. Another locked-down birthday wasn’t fun either. So often going for a ride was the only time I managed to get to myself and it wasn’t always what I wanted. Sometimes you just just want to be alone in your house.

My two big achievements are graduating from my Masters last week and I finally rode up Mount Hotham. I think I’m actually the most proud of finally riding up Hotham!


So true, both!!!

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Well done. With the weight off your shoulders from completing the masters you will be able to tackle many other climbs like Mt Hotham. Maybe even Baw Baw. (Definitely not as long but those 21% sections are killers)
Well done on both and may 2022 bring many great adventures.

2021 was my first full year after having gotten into cycling during the first Covid wave so it’s basically the benchmark for now. I’m very happy with how I have progressed. Highlights were a 345km ride with 3,5k elevation in the summer and a really nice long weekend cycling trip with my local cycling club with a total of ~600km and 6k elevation. I slacked off since the daylight saving kicked in but santa gave me a smart trainer so that’s going to change as well. :slight_smile:

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Our 3rd is about to turn 3. My 1400 miles in ‘21 is apparently a rounding error up (which is a surprise) on ‘20. So I’ll take that as a win.

Pluses this year; got to visit friends and fam in the old country between lockdowns and took a couple of rides in Wicklow on roads I hadn’t seen in years.
The (older) kids did a 7 mile ride for pizza and ice cream on NYD yesterday, so it’s great to see them building up their range.
Pulled the trigger on a used hard tail to build up.
Got to watch a lot of the big races (Monuments + Worlds, + weekend Grand Tour stages) live.

Downs; not nearly the number or length of rides I would have hoped for, and I never got in one really big, ambitious ride.
Oh, and I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been. Not even close, either.


As an update from the latter december days, I’m glad I tried the Festive500 challenge. On day 5, and exactly halfway into building up the mileage, I had to quit because of a quarantine. But the thing I liked was: I rode three days in the rain, which is something I never did, lest for unpredictable light summer showers. I’ve always been a fair weather cyclist. Now, in December it was raining, and switching from proper rain to downpours, and I went out from my home to ride nevertheless. It’s been a valuable experience to me.
Plus, I learned how to blow my nose like a pro :wink:


It was a tale of two years. I bought a fancy gravel bike in February with the intent of doing at least one huge a properly unpaved gravel ride a month. That was a big success. Saw some amazing stuff and had a blast. After about July, my wife was super pregnant and so days away from home exploring turned into short road rides in the extended neighborhood, which is still pretty nice here just south of Portland, OR. Then once our baby boy, Egan (yes, we did that) came along in September, it’s been less and less riding. That’s been nice, my body and mind needed a change.


Seems all damn nice. Congratulations for your fatherhood

Great X-ray and have one myself, broken femur at the top, an inch lower than the hip joint. That’s be a dynamic hip bolt and plate. I did mine 4 years ago, and while orthopaedic surgeons said 6+6 weeks, my doctor was not at all pleased and suggested that treat recovery as a 9-12 month jobbie. Hang in there, a big mileage 2022 awaits.