How is Cinelli frameset build quality and customer service these days?

Looking at picking up a Vigorelli Disc steel frameset. My last three bikes had massive issues (2 cracked Bowman frames, the company went bankrupt, and one Ican frame that had a defective BB shell which I had to charge back on my credit card because they wanted me to pay to ship frames back and forth to China for warranty replacement) so looking to avoid problems and issues.

Just want good tolerances on the aperatures and decent warranty experience if I have an issue. Geo on the frame I’m looking at would work. Just want to make sure I don’t pull the trigger on another headache since this is disc brake so I’ll also need to order new wheels and shifters my only experience with Cinelli is bar tape.

I ordered a Palace 3 when it was first announced. They sent me a frameset which was welded wrong… got another, which also wasn’t great. I then bought a Cinelli.

It came with a list of all the things they checked. My bowman frames didn’t :}
Whether or not they actually checked every I don’t know, but it felt a lot better than the Bowman frames.

My Cinelli Veltrix Disc has been pretty good so far. I’ve only had one though, so YMMV :slight_smile:

Build log - Cinelli Veltrix Disc Di2 and


I think you’re on safe ground with the Cinelli steel bikes. The owner of a local shop has a Nemo Tig and loves it, and I’m fairly sure those frames are made in Italy. They’re almost custom prices now, mind you.

I’m a little less sure on the carbon ones, as I think they’re mainly open mould these days. Certainly, the obvious similarity between Cinelli-labelled frames and some others wearing a different badge, plus the odd range of bb standards (amongst other things), and the general sense that the range as a whole isn’t very coherent, all create that impression.

That said, there are a few Superstars in the local club run, and I’ve heard no complaints. I also had one briefly and liked it (notwithstanding I bought the wrong size and couldn’t ultimately make it work); nippy and sharp, without being too harsh.

While I don’t think the brand is what it once was, I certainly think it would be a world apart from Bowman!


Thanks! I submitted my order, doing the weight calculations I think my mostly mechanical build will still yield a light enough bike and hope this will put at least a stop to my bad luck with frames the last three go arounds.

I have the same Veltrix Disc as Terry and had no problems whatsoever either. I had two instances where I had technical questions and the support was very helpful and replied within a day or two.

Can’t say the same thing about Canyon…