How many bikes do you own?

The cycling sustainability thread got me thinking, the most eco-friendly thing you can do is to own the least amount of bikes possible and to keep them running. So how many bikes do you own and why?

Also curious, people that own multiple similar bikes, why? I see on other forums people owning multiple road bikes with similar features (e.g. Tarmac SL7 and Wilier Filante). I can only think it’s due to desire and not to fill need - which is ok too.

As for myself, I have 2 bikes - an SL6 Tarmac disc and a Merida XC Hardtail that largely is used for wet weather commuting and very occasionally mountain biking.

Too many. I agree about the waste of resources with new bikes, and I’m certainly guilty of that. The problem I have is that building a bike from the frame up is half of the fun for me, so I tend to do it more than necessary.

To answer the question, regularly ridden:

2011 MTB etc. bike (bought new)
2012 road bike (bought used)
2016 FS MTB (bought new, recently almost sold, decided to rebuild instead)
2020 road etc. bike (bought new)
2021 MTB (drank the kool-aid, bought new, not digging it, looking to sell)

There’s a bit of overlap there, for sure. I could get by just fine with on of the drop bar bikes (probably the converted 29er… so good) and the FS MTB.

There are also various MTB frames from 1994-2000 hanging on the wall. I have the intention of rebuilding one of those for… some reason that I’m not sure makes any sense.

There have been others in there as well. I think it all comes back to buy once and buy right. If you can, spend more to get what you really want (vs. something that seems like a bargain) and keep it for the long haul. This applies to all purchases, really.

I used to be a roadie, and successfully pared down my collection from a lot of bikes down to just one: my trusty Argon 18 Dark Matter gravel bike which I was also using as a road bike with a second set of wheels.

Then, I made the mistake of borrowing a friend’s mountain bike and now I have relapsed :smiley: In addition to my Argon 18, I now also have a Scott Scale RC900 hardtail / monster gravel bike (my buddy gave this to me), a Santa Cruz Blur XC race bike, and a Niner Jet 9 RDO trail bike. I could probably do without the Santa Cruz, as the Niner is really efficient at pedaling, so I might end up selling that but haven’t decided for sure yet…

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1987 Trek Elance 400d - Daily commuter. Lovely ride, and cheap enough that I’m not worried about locking it up all day.
2021 Gravel bike.
2019 Mtb
2015 Aluminum rim brake road bike that doesn’t get ridden anymore now that I have a gravel bike. Debating selling it while used bike prices are high. But it fits me alright and works perfectly. May end up permanently on a trainer.

I have 5 personal bikes that are mine.

I have 2 road bikes, a CAAD10 which sits mostly on the home trainer, and a MBK Super Record with (mostly) Campag Athena which is my go-to weekend ride. I like having a 2nd road bike as a backup if I get to the garage and the other has a flat.
I have another road bike, a Cannondale Criterium from the mid-80s, whose non-replaceable derailleur hanger snapped, so I converted to single speed and is my main commuting/around-town bike.
I have a Yuba Mundo Lux cargo bike which is my family-bike-ride bike and occasional bring-the-kids-to-school (among other places) bike.
And I have recently picked up a used, cheap Marin Bobcat hard tail, which is my “the trails in this park are too rough for my road bike” bike. (This last one is also a project bike which may end up some kind of mongrel gravel/trail/off road bike.)

Of the 5, I only bought 1 (the CAAD) new. The SS/Criterium would possibly be in a landfill somewhere if I hadn’t made the conversion out of it (or as it’s aluminum, possibly being melted into beer cans).

My avatar is my son’s bike, which was a Craigslist freebie that had been sitting in the previous owner’s garden. I fixed it up, resprayed it, replaced a couple parts (pedals, brake, grips) and he’s been riding it for over a year.

I have 3.

A fixie with a stuck seatpost so will never sell they are not to popular where I am so doubt I will be able to sell it anyway.
I have my commuter/winter bike a cannondale caad 8 which gets used every day
I have my lapierre aircode summer bike which i wouldnt want to use day to day really as its full aero deep wheels and I could never ride it in my work gear.

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I have approximately 3 bikes:
Canyon Endurace
Salsa Timberjack (hardtail mountain)
Gravel bike (being buuilt up; parts on the way)

I typically ride the Salsa and the Canyon multiple times a week and plan on taking the gravel bike out frequently as well. The Salsa replaced a Trek mountain bike I’d had for 20 years and the Canyon replaced a Trek road bike I’d had for 15 years. Both the old bikes were well worn.

Just to be different (and my wife better not be reading this) but over 100.

The last new bike I purchased was in about 2010 and is a 26" wheel mountain bike and before that was about 2004 for a road bike. I still have both and updated road bike was second hand so the way I see it is I’m saving on landfill by collecting old bikes!

Your welcome!

Seriously, now the ones I use. 26" hardtail (see above), second hand Dogma as weekend ride, 2006 second hand Litespeed to ride to work, Colnago (second hand) that stays at a beach house and a GT dual suspension (that I won in a subscription and also 26 inch wheels) also resides at beach.


Less than I had before quitting track racing. Now I ‘make do’ with a Lauf gravel bike and an Allez Sprint for the road. I also have an older Cervelo P3 set up as a dedicated crit racer which is yet to see action, and an as yet unfinished no name 1978 tourer which will be the commuter. I would love to have more…… but I don’t have the time, money or space :weary:

So starting with what hangs on my wall is a 2001 Look KG381 Team with Campagnola Titanium Record grouppo, think it may have been ridden twice.

Then I have the same Look KG381 non team issue with Shimano Ultegra mechanical that I ride all the time and has been involved in 2 accidents, surviving unscathed. Pure joy to ride.

From the race days I have a Basso Diamante with Shimano Dura Ace grouppo that I should take out more often.

Then I have a TREK Boone 9 running Ultegra which I have set up with 2 sets of wheels one for road and one for gravel. Great bike!

I also have another older TREK road bike that I am currently doing up on the cheap.

My most recent purchase which was 18 months ago was the MARIN Headland which I have set up for bike packing. This is one of the most comfortable bikes I have ever ridden. Frame geometry makes it sweet to ride with Shimano GRX.

They are all carbon framed bikes, so…

Time for something new that’s not carbon.

Let’s see:

Allied Alfa Allroad (my do-it-all road bike)
Canyon Grail AL (gravel bike)
Lemond Maillot Jaune (circa 1999 or so rim-brake road bike, partially for sentimental reason, but mostly a reference bike)
Evil Offering (trail bike)
Canyon Torque AL (park bike)
Otso Voytek (fat bike)
Electra Ticino 18D (townie)
Urban Arrow (daily-driver cargo bike)

Otherwise, it’s a rotating stock of test bikes. My Seven Evergreen Pro frameset is about to go up on eBay :frowning:


2019 Emonda ALR - my “Trainer and Airports” bike. Definitely gets ridden more than anything else.

My 2020 Giant Revolt Advanced Pro is the bike I ride the most outdoors. I prefer gravel to road these days. As I get older, I like to ride alone or in small groups of close friends and I don’t trust drivers as much as I used to. I upgraded to this bike from a Lauf and I couldn’t be happier. The geometry is perfect for me and I LOVE SRAM AXS.

2017 Tallboy - I live very close to some fast, flowing mtb trails, but rain kills them and it rains a lot and dries up slowly where I live, so I don’t ride it nearly as often as I’d like.

2018 S-Works Tarmac build - built this one up from a frame, but rarely ride road any more. I keep threatening to sell it, but my wife says as soon as I do I will want another (and she’s probably right!)

Depend how you count them. Four outdoor bikes, one on a trainer permanently, and one ebike shared with the wife.

2017 Cannondale CAAD12 - My road bike that’s accumulated more miles than all the other bikes. It’s not even close.
2021 Cannondale Topstone Lefty 3 - my COVID panic-buy.
“JJ Steele” - My second-hand custom steel Cyclocross bike, set up single speed. Gets lots of gravel use too.
2016 GT Grade (alloy) - A much neglected gravel bike, was once my commuter, gets some use for that now.
2007(?) Schwinn Fastback - my first roadbike, bought new in 2009, just built up again into a permanent trainer bike.
[Shared with my wife] 2020 Cannondale Canvas -(ebike, class 3 :dash:) our second vehicle, after our van, as of this year. Pannier-equipped for hilly grocery runs.

If I’m honest, I have too many gravel options, but I’ve just warmed up to the Grade again, and the other two are much too much fun to get rid of.

12 bikes (road, cx, mtb)

2 unbuilt frames

6 sets of spare road wheels

2 spare 11 speed dura ace groups

Lots of spare consumables (chains, cassettes, bottom brackets, cables, brake pads etc)

Four at the moment:

One Road Bike (Felt FRD, currently mid-buildup)

One Around-town beater that I trust to get locked up places (singlespeed Lemond Tourmalet)

One Gravel bike (Kona Jake the Snake)

One road bike that I keep at my parents’ place for when I visit but plan on trying to sell soon (Ridley Fenix).

My pro/amateur hobby is finding great used frames, building the bikes out with Campy (Road) or Shimano/Sram (MTB) equipment with a basic goal of trying to make the best bike that I have ever ridden, for each of those two types. If I succeed, I keep it, and sell the one it beat out. I am no longer into MTBs so much, so I have one of those, but four road bikes.

I ride every single day, rain, shine, snow–whatever, unless the wind is hurricane level or the rain is of typhoon proportions–I’ve missed 10 days so far this year, riding an average of 30 miles per day (more on the truck-free weekends than on weekdays). I have one “tourer” which I use for the longer rides (anything over 50 miles), which is set up with puncture resistant tires, a couple of strap-on carrying cases, and so forth. I have another for fast rides in the local area–when the weather is great, and I’m feeling great. And, a third for all weather easy riding–when I’m not so up to par, when the weather is foul, or when I’m riding with others that might be a bit slower–that would by my normal threesome–but, I built one more that was great (a true sprinter), and I’m not willing to get rid of the others, though if I got an offer, I would probably sell the easy rider–I occasionally put it on the boards.

In the other threads, I didn’t get how the number of bikes has much to do with sustainability, nor do I here–for what it’s worth, all my bikes are built out of USED parts, unless a client asks for new (I build bikes for others on request). And, a kind of restriction in my best bike build is that I don’t spend more than $1500 total, all in, for each bike.

I currently have a Storck CD 1.0, an Opera Leonardo FP (the original Pinarello Dogma), a Ridley Excalibur and a Ridley Fenix/Liz–all Campy Record or Chorus equipped (except all with Ultegra calipers, which I prefer over Campy), all compact cranksets except for a triple on the “tourer” (the Opera), all with Eurus of Fulcrum Racing Zero wheelsets–plus a couple of extras to keep them all running.

In the sustainability thread there was talk of carbon vs steel vs aluminium as the most sustainable frame material. In reality, frame material choice is unimportant compared to just continuing to use the bike you currently own, in terms of reducing your cycling carbon footprint.


Just the one - a 2015 CAAD10. Commutes, club runs, racing hill climbs, the lot.

I did have a Planet X XLS cyclocross bike with Rival 1x and loved racing ‘cross, but with the calendar being cancelled last year and life getting in the way this season, I sold it, with the intention of getting a hardtail when I have more time and money.

When I upgrade the road bike I’ll keep it, and the new bike will be to last.

4 that I actually own plus a loaner and a parting gift

#1 - All Road/gravel/cross cheap custom Chinese titanium (neon rainbow leopard rattle can “Lisa Frank”). Shimano hydro disc. 3 wheelsets- 50 carbon road wheelset majority of the time, shallow alloy gravel set, and even a 650x2.0- together they cover almost all non rocky terrain. (Jesus I have like 7 diff pairs of tires for this bike too now that I think about it 🤦 )
#2 - MTB 2018 Scott spark 930
#3 - Track Cheap used aluminum Aventon that I do actually occasionally use on the local velodrome
#4 - Road used 2009 Giant TCR advanced sl with 6800 ultegra that is pretty great… but I just never find myself wanting to ride it over the Ti but can’t actually come up with a good reason why not

#5 is a 2007 Tarmac sl pro with 7800 that was gifted to me by a friend before he died- lives at my parents house as backup bike. Still excellent.
#6 is a a 2004ish alloy cervelo P3 on extended loan for the occasional “fast AF TT sandwiched between an ugly swim and a painfully slow run”

4 for me.
1 - 2011 GT Avalanche 3.0 - a 26" MTB that has never had much use, tends to just live in the shed (although I am always saying I should try some more mountain biking)
2 - 2013 Sensa Romagna - my first road bike (Aluminium) which now lives permanently on the turbo and is no longer road worthy
3 - 2014 Canyon Ultimate CF SL - now relegated to commuting, winter use, and riding with the kids to school
4 - 2019 Rose X-Lite 6 - my pride and joy, lovingly looked after and money spent on weight weenie items [even though I know how little difference it makes]