How many bikes do you own?

2008ish Orbea aluminium road bike - First road bike, now permanently trapped on the trainer after being ridden, raced and commuted on.

2012 Specialized Epic - Raced and commuted on lots, not so busy now, but it’s not worth much and it’s still fine, so not going anywhere.

2016ish Trek Marlin aluminium HT - Bought to have a kids seat on the back, which it did until the start of this year when I rebuilt it as a 1x, flat-pedalled, gravel-tyred commuter.

20?? Probably Chinese aluminium track bike - Bought secondhand. I race track on it. It’s fun.

2017 Cannondale Supersix - carbon roadie. Riding and racing. In hindsight I should have waited for the inevitable next model with discs and more clearance, but I enjoy re-cabling and tuning and all that. I committed to it enough to buy some race wheels for it.

2021 Focus Atlas - aluminium gravel bike, after cancelling the order for a carbon hardtail. Very happy with the decision.

Had another carbon roadie which I sold so I could buy the Cannondale.

I tend to hold onto my bikes because the price gap between selling one and buying another is almost always too much to justify.

Waxed chains on all of them. Less cleaning, less water and cleaning products… less component wear…? Sounds sustainable!


Just two.

  • A 2016 Kona Rove AL that I rebuilt with 105 and RS785 levers/brakes. That’s my commuter, gravel bike, and also my travel bike.
  • A Fairlight Strael Mk. 2 I bought in 2018. This one is my road bike.

While I’d love a fancy aero and light carbon bike, if I’m honest, these two serve their respective purposes quite well, so I’d rather just upgrade them. Not that I have space and money for a new bike ATM, anyway.

My wife also has a gravel bike (Marin Nicasio, rebuilt with 105 and lighter wheels, but there’s only so much you can do, so that might get replaced) and a road bike (Canyon Endurace) as well, so we’re totalling four bike in active use, plus an old bike she inherited from her father that desperately needs some love.

Commuting on a Litespeed, that’s posh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :yum: :sunglasses:

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I I had money, were in the US, and were a bit shorter, I’d buy it in a heartbeat ^^

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Five. Though it’s temporary, will slim down the quiver soon.

Specialized Venge Pro 2020. Aero road bike. Very few kms on it because it’s new to my collection (and unridden by last owner). Stunning to look at and very quick to ride.

Specialized Stumpjumper S-Works 2019. Picked it up second hand and it’s been a champ. I’ve done some big mountain descents, XC races, some bikepacking, bike parks, rail trails.

Norco Search XR Carbon Force 2019. A gravel / adventure bike that has done the most kms out of all the bikes. I’ve done big rides on it, one or two gravel races, lots of training. It’s on the indoor trainer but gets used outside a lot. Can do many things well.

Specialized Stumpjumper M2 1996. In amazing condition. It’s not quite rideable just yet as I’m missing period-correct brakes. A incomplete lockdown project. Will get donated when it’s done as it’s not my size.

Globe Live town bike. With an epic front rack rated for 20kg. It’s no looker. Can lock it anywhere and it won’t get stolen. Not pleasant to ride but it’s functional.

At the price I got it I can’t afford NOT to occasionally commute on it.

It is a beautiful bike to ride.[quote=“Raphael, post:23, topic:2258, full:true”]

Commuting on a Litespeed, that’s posh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :yum: :sunglasses:

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Three for me:

Open U.P. – built up new in late 2019. My do everything road/gravel bike. I alternate between a set of 700c and 650b wheels depending on what I’m doing on a given day.

2021 Specialized Epic EVO Expert – had been looking into a new MTB and stumbled into a “lightly used” one at my LBS this summer. Couldn’t pass up the great price, and oh so fun.

2016 Trek Farley – carbon fat bike. I live in Minnesota … so nearly a necessity if you wanna ride outside between Dec and Mar. Feels like driving a monster truck.

I’ll probably look into building up a true road bike at some point, but for now the Open suits me just fine.

5 bikes with 7 pairs of wheels here:

  • Pinarello Prince FX: lockdown crisis, built for fast group rides, which are most of my riding → that’s the one I mostly use (unless weather is crap and / or roads are really filthy. Bought new at a heavy discount (previous year rim brake model). Stripped and rebuilt for parts I mostly had on my old Orbea Orca (the sale of the brand-new Ultegra groupset + fulcrum alloy wheels that were on it covered the powermeter expense :flushed:)

  • Bianchi Infinito CV: the previous day-to-day one, excuse to build it was Paris-Roubaix sportive. I don’t ride it a lot anymore, but keep it because I like it too much to sell it (and for some rides the Pinarello is a bit too much on the harsher side). Bought the frame and most parts second-hand.

  • Kinesis GranFondo Ti (medium reach rim brakes) with full metal mudguards, 28c tyres and a Ti rear rack: for bad weather / filthy roads, occasional sporty commute (doesn’ happen anymore with home office). Bought the frameset new, built the bike with parts of my previous “winter” bike (old aluminium Orbea Aqua). I recently replaced the worn-out Dura-Ace C24 wheels with custom ones (30 mm alu clincher rims on Hope hubs). Currently in the process of replacing the 10-speed Sram shifters with 11-speed ones to be able to use the aluminium clinchers on the Pinarello and the Bianchi.

  • Soma Pescadero: Bought the frameset from Soma directly in the USA (was less expensive than to buy it from the European importer in the UK as they didn’t sell it in France), built with full mudguards, front and rear racks, and a mix of used and new parts. Used for commuting, errands, rides with the kids, etc. 2 pairs of Hed Belgium wheels, one with 35 mm René Herse tyres (for the summer and the gravelly rides with the kids), one with 32 mm bombproof Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres (for all seasons but summer).

  • Orbea Orca: my first real road bike, can’t sell it :flushed: (as it’s not worth anything anymore anyway). Rebuilt from parts I already had + the worn-out Dura-Aces from the Kinesis. It stays at my mother-in-law’s, saving me from taking a bike when we go there ^^

So way too many bikes, and I have too many wheels for the Pinarello and Bianchi too :flushed: :grimacing: :rofl:

  • Fulcrum 55 carbon clinchers: daily wheels, they get on with the Pinarello well (bought second hand, price was too good to say no)
  • Fulcrum 55 carbon tubulars: got them before the clinchers (on the cheap as it’s been a while nobody wants tubulars anymore). Love them so much that I had to get a more convenient clincher pair ^^
  • Dura Ace C24 tubulars (old 10-speed-only ones): for the occasional mountain / very hilly ride (could sell them but they are worth less than the 11-speed Edco cassette that fits the 10-speed FHB - and nobody wants shallow tubular wheels today, even less than deep ones ^^)
  • Campa Shamal tubulars: got them for very cheap and as good as new to go with the Bianchi for the Paris-Roubaix sportive. Shod with 27 mm FMB tubulars :sunglasses: (the 3 tubulars cost me more than the wheels ^^). Use them maybe 3 times a year (could sell them but nobody wants aluminium shallow tubular wheels, even less than etc. :rofl:)
  • 30 mm custom alloy clinchers: for those rare fast rides where I need Pinarello speed, clinchers’ convenience and would rather avoid carbon braking (wet roads / weather + steep hills + late-braking crazy MFs :rofl:)

There’s 4 in the stable right now:

Bowman Palace 3 - This is my good weather bike, fast and fun.

CAAD 13 - The winter/rain bike. It’s got hydro brakes, 28mm tyres and proper mudguards so perfect for this role. Rain/winter bike is IMO a necessity in Britain.

Fairlight Secan - The gravel bike, 650b wheels with 2.2" tyres means it can do singletrack as well as gravel. Absolutely love this bike, probably my favourite of the lot.

Pinnacle Arkose - The dad bike. It’s got mudguards, a rear rack which can take a child seat and a Carradice front bag. It can also do some gravel with 40mm gravel tyres on which means it’s not confined to roads.
It’s got SRAM 1x so tempted to look into trolleys and also the Ratio kit to fit 12 speed MTB gears so I can pull the thing!

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And using your bike to get to places instead of your car…that is the biggest way you can improve your sustainability. Low hanging fruit compared to worrying about the impact of shipping an additional bike / components.


Too many and not enough

Road bike 1: 2021 Canyon Aeroad
Road Bike 2: 2009 Motobecane. Bike sits on a trainer now and never sees the road.
Gravel bike: 2019 Niner RLT RDO
Townie 1: Dad’s first road bike, a Univega
Townie 2: Friend’s frame that was going to get trashed, a sweet Peugeot
Commuter: 2004 Surly LHT
SS: Steel On-One Imbred
Hardtail: 2021 Banshee Paradox
Race bike: 2019 Intense Sniper Trail
Trail bike 1: 2018 Stumpy Coil 26/Fattie
Trail bike 2: 2020 Evil Calling
Enduro bike: 2020 Evil Wreckoning

Building up a fat bike and ordered another gravel bike.

Really the only bikes that overlap purpose are the Stumpy/Calling and the two gravel bikes. I just can’t give up that SJ I love it so much and the gravel are for different purposes. One is for bikepacking and enjoyment the other racing.

Like some others I often build up most of my bikes so building wheels and part sourcing is part of the fun, although finding parts now not so much.

As far as environmental costs, someone was going to buy them and they were already made. I sell off my old bikes so they are getting another life and often I sell them to friends at a good price so they can either upgrade or get into biking.

I have been using my Surly to get to work almost 80% of the time since I bought it.

Bikes are rad


I have a bunch, but they’re nearly all vintage steel road bikes - Tesch, Masi, Gangl, Gilmour, DiNucci, Spectrum…

The daily ride is a Ritchey Road Logic running 10spd DA. Then there’s a Miyata 1000 for around town, a 26” wheel Specialized Epic that a neighbor was tossing out, and a Focus CX bike.


sweet selection

Wow, separated at birth? :laughing:. I have a 90s Mercier fixed with stuck seatpost and stem, an aluminum Vitus road with Ultegra for commuting and a Litespeed with Ultegra for long weekend jaunts. The fixed is my favorite though.

8 bikes here but 5 of them are mountain, which imo gives fair game for more bikes - different wheel sizes, different suspension lengths. The other three are just one road, one gravel and one beer bike.

6 bikes
-Airborne Manhattan Project
-1995ish Trek (first one with Carbon)
-ICE trike
-Catrike Electric Expedition (modified with a Bafang 750 Motor)
-Catrike Expedition
-Bike Friday Pro

too many, but seeing some of these replies I admit to feeling a (tiny) bit better about my garage. I currently have:
Allied Alfa (lightweight carbon - rim brake mechanical)
Ritchey Breakaway Cross (Titanium travel / gravel w Red eTap and canti brakes)
Salsa Cutthroat (carbon gravel / bike packing w SRAM Force and discs)
Ron Cooper (lugged steel 1984 restored - 10-spd dt shifters…coffee shop/ Eroica)
Scott Spark 900 (mtb)
Pedersen-Style Christiania cykel (project!)
Sekai frame (project to be built as fendered bike from parts bin)

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A 2010 steel Alchemy. My first road bike, which I sold to make way for a Ti Alchemy. I offered to buy the steel bike back when the person I sold it to told me that he had ridden it only twice in more than two years. I got a good deal on it!

A 2013 Ti Ritchey Breakaway, to travel with.

And the aforementioned 2015 Ti Alchemy.

The Ti Alchemy gets ridden the most, with about 51,000km on it.
The steel Alchemy has about 22,000km on it.
The Breakaway has 20,000km on it.

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Cannondale CAAD 10 Black Inc, bought used, upgraded to 11s with used parts. When Covid hit someone sold one for twice what I paid, so I considered selling but could not find anything that would make me happier so I kept it.

Chinese Aluminum frame with beat up 105. Commuter.

Still have an old shop brand 650c time trial frame. It’s mostly my son’s bike now, but I did take it to a triathlon a few years ago.


too many for a 60 squaremeter apartment.

Should sell the MTB & the CX, or at least one of them. I haven’t used the MTB since i build the CX, which i haven’t used since i build the All Road. The MTB is the only factory bike iv’e ever owned.

In procurement order:
2006 Merlin Metalworks CR3/2.5 titanium road bike (No, i don’t want a new S-Works)
2011 Cannondale Flash 3 aluminum 26’ MTB.
1988 Koga-Miyata Full Pro Ltd Vintage road bike.
2016 no-name Chinese titanium CX bike.
pre-1970 SCO Short John Cargo bike.
2020 Surly Midnight Special All road bike.

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