How many bikes do you own?

Pedersen bikes are such a sweet ride.

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Just two (or maybe three)

Aethos Pro frameset built up with Sram Red, the latest Zipp 303 FC wheels and Favero Assioma power pedals

Swift folding bike with Alfine IGH, great for commuting or chasing my kids around in their bikes.

Wahoo Kickr bike - doesn’t move but is still lots of fun

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1986 Appel lugged steel with 11s Ultegra (Road) - 2nd most ridden

2017 Giant TCR Advanced with 11s Ultegra (Road) - 3rd most ridden

2017 Yeti SB4.5 with 11s SRAM XO (Mtn) - 4th most ridden

2016 Diamondback Haanjo Trail with 11s Ultegra (Gravel) - Most ridden

2012ish Specialized Crosstrail with 3x9 Alivio and rear panniers (Townie) - tied for 5th most ridden

2020 Salsa Mukluk with 11s Deore (Fatbike) - tied for 5th most ridden

I’m very happy with each of these bicycles.

Wife has:

2021 Pivot Mach 4 SL with 12s SRAM XX (Mtn)

2006 Ti Titus HT with 3x10 SLX/XT/XTR (26in mtn/gravel)

2017 Pedego e-cargo bike (Townie)

1996 Specialized Crossroads singlespeed with basket (Townie)

Three kids bikes and no room for a car in a two car garage.

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I’m feeling positively under-biked compared to a lot of you. I have 3 -1/2 bikes:
2015 GT Grade gravel bike
2017 Cannondale SuperSix Evo Himod- Road bike
2018 Pivot Mach 5.5 Trail/Enduro bike
Wahoo Kickr Bike- counts as 1/2 since it doesn’t have wheels

And spare sets of wheels for the GT and Pivot so I can easily switch tires without and work. Of course, I have spent (wasted according to my wife) a bunch of money on components- Shimano Di2 on the Cannondale and GT, Eagle AXS and Reverb AXS on the Pivot, Enve SES 4.5AR wheels for Cannondale and GT (can use on both), Cane Creek eeWings Ti cranks on Pivot, powermeters on every bike- Power2Max NGCco on both GT and Cannondale, Garmin Rally XC200 on Pivot, Favero Assioma as spares and for comparison tests, etc, etc, etc

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More bikes than I need, but fewer than I want :slightly_smiling_face:

-2020 Specialized Diverge Base E5 with… heavy modification
-1998 Specialized Hard Rock Classic converted to 700c wheels (from 26") and drop bars

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Are we counting bikes that might not be rideable at the moment or only counting fully assembled bikes?

If it’s the latter then I have 4 bikes;

  • Emonda ALR disc. The Road bike.

  • Checkpoint ALR. The Swiss Army Knife bike.

  • Stache 9.7 (converted to fully rigid). The Ridiculous MTB bike.

  • Allant+ 8S. The Fast E-Bike / Tow Vehicle for the kiddos.

Are there more bikes that I want? Absolutely. But do I need them? No.

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I’ve got three:

  1. Canyon Endurace CF. My most ridden bike and probably the one I’ll keep in my stable the longest.

  2. Canyon Neuron CF. Trying to get into MTBing but it’s a slow process as none of my social group do it so have been trying to learn on my own.

  3. Salsa Journeyman. Have thoroughly upgraded this bike with GRX and Hunt wheels but it lives mostly as my commuting and general family riding bike.

Two bikes for me, might add a third and pickup a Crux here soon but for now:

  1. Trek Domane SLR
  2. Santa Cruz 5010

Generally replace a bike every two years, and alternate between bikes. So, new road bike in 2021 and I’m looking to replace the 5010 in the next year.

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Seven at the moment

1). 2009 Litespeed Ghisallo - group rides/racing

2). 2004 Cervelo Superprodigy - long rides/training

  1. 2006 Moots Psychlo-x - all road/gravel

  2. 2001 Litespeed 26” MTB - commuter

  3. 1995 Bianchi Project 3 - single track/etc

  4. 1995 Trek 930 - grocery getter / kid trailer

  5. 2004 MX Leader- wall hanger

That’s about as often as I change tires on my bikes–gotta ask–why would you need a brand new bike every two years?

1999 Trek 6500
2001 Rocky Mountain Vertex
Long break sad times not riding
2017 Rocky Mountain Fusion
2019 Canyon Grail CF

In order of frequency of use:

2020 SWorks Tarmac SL6 disc - built about a year ago, I do all my races and most of my training on this. Best bike I’ve owned. Loving the tubeless Zipps and the di2.
2017 Cannondale CAAD 13 - previously my training and overseas travel bike, I liked riding it more than my S Works SL5, but not as much as the SL6; now it’s mostly on the indoor trainer. It’s better than that though, so I still take it out now and again.
2011 Genesis Equilibirium - occasional use when I feel like cruising. Hand-built wheelset by me
2014 Wabi Lightning SE - single speed (fixed and freewheel) for fine days that aren’t too hilly, when I want to ride steady. (Although I have ridden it up Mt Palomar Mtn (20k @7%) and some solid Sydney area climbs.) Also has a hand-built wheelset by me.
Ancient Avanti Pista track bike - got it as a throw-out to try track. Other priorities have meant it’s been hanging in the garage for a couple of years, but its forlorn look when I’m pulling another bike off the rack does tug at me…

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2019 Supersix Evo hi mod / ultegra - my race bike
2018 caad 12 105 daily ride
2015? Caad10 ultegra daily ride

2014? PK ripper single speed
Retro Bianchi single speed project

2018 cube stereo 140 HPA

Gunnar Hyper XF disc (gravel/all-road) – Love this bike. It’s my do all bike and prob the bike I ride the most.

Breadwinner Lolo disc (road) my straight up summer good weather road bike. Lovely ride and beautiful aesthetics.

2021 Specialized Aethos-- I’ve ridden this bike twice after I built it up. It’s a beautiful bike and rides wonderful, but it was an impulse buy and my other two bikes honestly do everything I need of them. Will probably be selling this bike soon as I just like my Gunnar n Breadwinner


Four for me, all road bikes. I was an expat until last year and had two bikes (good bike and older spare or rain bike) in each country, home and abroad and now I have to sell off a bike a two.

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Well, I change tires 2-3 times a year so I can’t relate there… as far as why; because I like bikes and I can afford to. Certainly not a ‘need’ situation, well at least not apart from the frame that got destroyed when I was hit by a car, but it’s something I like. Some folks lease a car and replace it every two years, I buy bikes. After two years, they lose too much resale value and I get good deals so I don’t take that big a loss selling them every couple years and buying a new one.


I think most of us can afford to buy a bike or two every other year, and I’m also pretty sure we all love bikes here–the part that seemed odd was the implied underlying fact–that you’ve never been been able to find one that you really liked well enough to keep…

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Two gravel bikes
Two road bikes
Two fixie/trackie
Fat bike.

Sort of an A-B set up.

I could probably do with just the three I keep indoors. Litespeed Ultimate, Raleigh Willard, and my track bike. But the fat bike is a lot of fun.

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Gunnar for the win! I currently have 2 Gunnars.

Gunnar Roadie Road race with 25mm tires. It’s for fast group rides since I don’t race road.

Gunnar Crosshairs (setup as allroad 30mm tires). Mini v-brakes. I am thinking of trying cantilevers again (got a stash of Shimano CX70’s). I didn’t plan on buying this frameset but it was on ebay for about half what it cost new and it was essentially in new condition. I can thank disc brake bike sales for the discount. :slight_smile:

Honey Middurance straight guage ti (mid-reach brakes), 30mm tires. Fenders. made by Seven and geometry is so spot on that it looks fully custom. This bike was suppose to replace the Gunnar Roadie, but I couldn’t bring myself to sell the Gunnar because it rides so well.

Ritchey Ascent setup as a country all-road bike (will stay in the countryside) with alt bars. 3x9 transmissions are so underrated. 32mm tires for now. Will aim for 35-38mm knobbies in the future.

Giant XTC Advanced Carbon 27.5 love this xc racer. 2.1" tires. 2x10 drivetrain.

1995 Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo setup as city commuter with rack and fenders, dynamo, upright position, steel fork from '90’s for maintaining correct geometry. 1.5" tires. Ugly enough to park anywhere. Shimano 3x7 works great.

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