How to cancel VC membership?

Just saw the news. Outside are complete c*nts. Where’s the link to cancel VC membership, I can’t find it on the site?

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For cancelling (rather than simply non-renewing VeloClub), Andy posted this in the VC Slack. Mine just renewed a few weeks ago, and I have requested that it be cancelled and pro-rata’d refunded.

I’ve been getting a bunch of messages around cancelling membership, so I thought it might be easier to answer them here. We’ve always had a policy of allowing members to cancel at any time, including a pro-rata’d refund. If that is you, just drop an email to and that will be taken care of - no questions asked.

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Thanks Roy, I’ve also just emailed Andy and asked for a pro-rata refund and also for them to remove my cc info as I can’t find a way to do that on the site, only a way to add a new card.

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Just to bump this to the top. You can cancel, and get a prorated refund, by going here: Signup - CyclingTips

to this part of the page:

No problem. While we’d hate to see you go, you’re welcome to cancel at any time and we’ll be happy to pro-rata a refund for you. You can either cancel from within your account whilst logged in, or alternatively you can email us and we’ll take care of it for you.

Shoot an email to to start.

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Just a quick note to remind you I’m about to assist with any membership questions or queries. The email is best (might just take a few days to respond - but I will get to them all)

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