How to make Aero socks stay up

So, I’ve been using Castelli aero socks for some races recently and while they fit fine when getting dressed, the damn things invariably slide down by the end. Going to do some TTs and, well, I’d really like the damn things to stay up.

Any ideas? I’ve been vacillating between sewing something elastic and thin to give the silicone grippers more oomph… or taping them. What does everyone do?

Sticky sunblock cream.
(some are stickier than others)


Rugby ball grip spray does the trick

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Aero socks, LOL!!!

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Get bigger calves :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


An extra strip of rtv silicone will do the trick.
Here’s a DIY: Making silicone tape for the Greenstyle No Show Thong - YouTube
Just turn your socks inside out, and apply on each side as per above vid. A thin layer provides plenty of grip. Practice with an old pair of socks first.


Hair spray often does the trick but if the socks have seen a few too many wash cycles hairspray might not cut it. I have on occasion also used a small strip of tub tape front and rear between sock and skin.


This actually was one of the selling points when Silca launched their “aero” socks.
They claim aero benefits (not as much as true areo socks) while being comfortable.
Have not tried them.

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Spray on pine tar would do the job can also use spider tack. Has the additional benefit of adding a few hundred rpm’s in spin rate to your slider and fastball so good Gerrit Cole got a nice 9 year 324 million dollar contract out of it.

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Have you tried suspenders?

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Are these UCI legal?