How would you build/get a new bike?

The big 4-0 is coming soon so I’m thinking about a new MTB but am hitting a few stumbling blocks with the process.

I’ve decided on a frame (Banshee Phantomv3), not sure on fork. I’m trying to decide whether I use the existing drivetrain (2016 11 speed XT & Formula brakes which aren’t great), contact points and new rims on my Hope hubs OR just a new prebuilt (Trek alloy Fuel prob) and try to sell off the whole thing. I can just about afford all new so it’s not the money, just best value as a new full build won’t be XT but will be 12 speed and at least generation newer.
Just need to decide on building myself or prebuilt.

Other problem I’ve got is I just haven’t ridden the mtb much this year, partly cos my gf is very covid axnious so no one to ride with and partly cos I’m just not good and sometimes hard to go out and be shit.
This leads to the final idea: sort out the brakes and 165mm cranks for my existing 140mm Cube (this will be around <£300 all in) and see if I can find some MTB buddies and get my muddy mojo back.

So if it was you, your birthday and your money what would you be doing?

I would not swap over components from 2016 personally. Not worth the effort, IMO.

The used bike market is still pretty hot, so assuming you can find a complete Trek, I’d sell your old bike complete to offset the outlay for the new bike.


If you aren’t riding the bike much, I wouldn’t recommend buying a new bike. Especially since you seem to acknowledge that the bike isn’t the real issue.

If you decide to get a new bike anyways, I would recommend an entirely new bike. A new frame with bits that you don’t really love hanging off of it would likely not be an earth shattering improvement. And that lets you sell the old bike intact and get a better price for it.

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If brakes and cranks are the only thing holding you back from keeping the current bike, then I don’t see the need to change the whole bike. Especially if you might end up having the swap out whatever cranks come stock with the new one.

It sounds like what you’re really looking for is a group ride.

For my 4-0, my missus dropped the kids off at her brother’s for a week and we flew to Maui. I biked up Haleakala on the last day of my 30s. It was epic. The waves crashing in the background behind my feet is still the cover image on my phone. What winter MTB destinations are within a 2-3 hour flight of you? Go there, make memories that’ll last a lifetime.

You’ve probably got a point, guess it’s just a bad day.

Will get brakes and when I can get out find a group.

@Leinster spending £210 is def a cheaper experiment in finding mojo than a whole new frame, and Merlin had a 10% discount last week so got new smaller rotors (200mm is way overkill for a 66 kilo roadie)

The living room brake test feels a million times better. I’ve got time off work since we have to use up PTO so let’s see if I left it in the woods.


And now I’ve just finished refilling sealant and fitting 165mm XT so my first step on finding mojo is complete!

PS I know my chain is grim but wet lube and forests is not a match made in heaven, there is a lot of pine needles in my yard now.

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