Image Rendering Issue on CT?

Does anyone else have an issue with the top image on any CT article loading very slowly? I don’t have issues on other sides with any images, high res or otherwise, loading, but with CT I do. All of the other images on a given page will load pretty quickly, even on the photo gallery type of articles.

Are you using Safari? I’ve had the same issue there but mostly use Chrome which seems to work fine.

I’m using Safari.

I see this issue in Safari on macOS as well. Seems ok on mobile Safari. I know Chrome is probably the more popular desktop browser, but it makes the site look bad to not have the images load–and the images are always great so let us desktop Safari users see them!

I would think that the speed at which images load wouldn’t vary much if the site is built using standard HTML or HTML 5. Maybe the site is optimized for Chrome and not Safari. That would suck if that were the case.

Yep, me too. Banner image takes ages with desktop Safari (on MacOS at least), fine with Chrome.

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yup, same problem, on Safari.

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I’m on Safari but no issues here.

Thanks all, we’ll look into this.

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I’m having this issue and I use Brave as my browser.