Insulated thermal bottles for hot drinks

Can anyone recommened a bottle for hot drinks? I am looking at the Elite Mia Thermo but can’t find any reviews anywhere.
I have tried such bottles in the past and they have been hopeless - presumably technology has moved on!

I’d never want a hot drink during a ride but Mrs Totale does and she swears by the Elite Deboyo Race. Apparently drinks are still very hot a couple of hours into a cold ride.


Camelbak Podium Chill works pretty well for hot / warm liquids. back in the day when I would ride when it was cold out, I would put a tea bag in there and let it steep while I got dressed. Pull tea bag out and go ride…would still be kinda warm an hour later.

ETA - your best option will likely be some of the stainless steel units that are designed to fit inside a WB cage.

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I have a contigo anti-spill travel mug and have found that it fits just fine into some bottle cages.

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