Integration systems compatibility

Hi there,

It seems that I decided my new bike will be latest Standert (unfortunately from the next drop as it’s too fast to define all the factors).

My concerns are:

  1. It seems that it will have Deda’s internal cabling system. Does anyone know if the Black Inc barstem is compatible with this system? Is the condition that the bar-stem combo has internal cabling enough for it to work with all headset systems that run the cables fully internally?

  2. Is there a chance that for such system (DCR) there is option to use Chris King headset and put in place only proprietary headset cover? Or if not, for example only lower part?

Thanks in advance!

The black inc system is based on an 1 1/8” upper, where almost everyone else is using a 1 1/2” upper, so no, don’t try to use their bar.

The stem/headset interface can vary from one brand to the next, so if you want things to match and route properly, you’ll want to be sure to use the stem/headset combo from the same manufacturer.

Ritchey and FSA/vision have stem and headset options. FSA/vision and Enve both make a 1-piece bar/stem combo (Which I recommend, if you have your position dialed. You won’t be swapping individual bars and stems around, trust me).

If you want to be able to swap stems and bars normally, Ritchey makes a headset that allows external hose routing (for traditional bar and stem) and a company called First Components has many configurations available for external routing through headsets.

Beyond that, we all play the waiting game for aftermarket options.

Also remember that Deda uses a 31.7 clamp diameter at the handlebar interface. A 31.8 stem clamp may or may not slip with a 31.7 bar, and warranty bets are off if you deviate from Deda’s hardware.

Are you sure that they are actually different dimensions?

1 1/4" is exactly 31.75 mm but is often rounded to either 31.7 or 31.8. I have yet to find anything that is not actually 31.75 mm.

Regardless of any actual measured dimensions, when the manufacturer labels proprietary sizing on their hardware and we use product that is not designated as compatible, we break the warranty agreement.

Maybe it’s fine, maybe the bars fall off and someone breaks their neck.

When we deviate from manufacturer specs, we take that liability on ourselves.

I could never get a Pro stem to hold a Deda bar properly…