Introducing the 2022 CyclingTips Photo Journal

We’re proud of the feature-style content we produce here at CyclingTips. So much so that, every year, we create a collectable print publication that commits our best work to print, exclusively for VeloClub members.

This year is no different. The 2022 CyclingTips Photo Journal features 132 pages of stunning photography telling the story of the past 12 months of cycling. In a break from previous years the format for volume 4 is a photo journal showcasing the most talented cycling photographers on the planet, plus an exclusive essay from Iain Treloar.

Sign up before Sunday as a ‘CT Insider’ for as little as $7.99USD/month and you’ll receive a copy of the 2022 Annual which will be in the post in early March.

Head here to sign up


Just mixing it up this year with the photo journal?

As a new member I’m looking forward to receiving this.

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Is this ever going to be released/delivered?

Yes, I signed up and never received the photo journal.

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Same here, never arrived

I received it.

have yet to receive

How disappointing that it has been issued to some but not others.

Another nail in the coffin…

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Which subscription level were you paying for?

I had a the full year everything bangs and whistle’s subscription.

Received in France (from Australia I think) quite a while ago (March or April I think).

Naturally if anyone missed the call outs (there have been three separate sends over the last few months) or their copy simply went MIA just shoot me an email ( and I’ll happily send one from CT HQ with tracking. When these get sent via the printhouse there is no tracking (because it would quadruple the price), so some do go missing along the way.

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