Is Chris King really the only b-corp in cycling?

I just listened to the Nerd Alert Podcast, and James/Caley/Dave thought that Chris King might be the only b-corporation in the cycling industry.

Are you folks aware of any others? For those of you who don’t know what a b-corp is, here is a primer. You don’t need to be a b-corp to be a responsible corporate citizen (like many of the small firms in cycling that treat employees, customers, and the planet with an equitable, long-term mindset), but to be a b-corp definitely forces a firm to take being responsible to the next level.

One that I’d add should count: Alpkit. It’s a UK-based outdoor retailer, basically the UK version of REI. It has a nice in-house bike brand, called Sonder. I only learned of them (being from the U.S.) this year, when I bought a Sonder Colibri Ti Ultegra, an all-road titanium bike that I absolutely love.

Does Alpkit count? They make good, value-based bikes, so I figure at least in a cycling-adjacent way.

What other b-corps are out there? has a search function. Chris King, Alpkit, and QBP are in the sporting goods category Directory | Certified B Corporation

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Thanks, Mark! I didn’t know there was a central listing. But interesting to see QBP on the list. Maybe my impression is off, but they seem like a pretty established, larger firm than I would’ve pictured in the industry being a b-corp. But it must work for them.

According to the directory Baisikeli is also a B-corp.

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I don’t know if it is organized as a B corporation, but Orbea is collectively owned by its employees, making them more invested in their stakeholders than a typical company owned solely by management or outside shareholders.


Yep, QBP was the obvious one we accidentally missed in this discussion.

I believe Chris King remains the only cycling goods manufacturer that is B-Corp certified.

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Wouldn’t any of QBP’s brands- like Salsa, Surly, Whiskey, etc.- count as a manufacturer? Or do they not count as B-corps?

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Not by definition. Most (all?) of QBP’s brands use third-party (outsourced) manufacturing.

WheelsMFG is part of QBP ?

Had to double-check this one. The founders of QBP purchased Wheels Manufacturing, but the companies are in fact separate. I’ve edited my comment above.

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thanks :slight_smile: