Is it a good option for beginner and amateur rider to choose Magene?

Specifically I’m looking for something affordable that will have multiple data.
How about the Magene products? Is it a good option for beginner and amateur rider to choose this brand?
Or any recommendations for a budget but still useful bike computer?
Thanks for the answers in advance.

Lezyne has some nice basic cycling computer/GPS units.

Why not go with an entry level Garmin? The Edge 130 Plus can be had for <150 Euros.

With that you’re on the Garmin platform. Should you decide to upgrade later on, all your previous data is already on that platform. No worries about downloading and uploading old activites etc.


I’m basing this off being in the United States. Your experience with regard to price may vary if you’re in a different country. Basic Edge 130 refurbished is 100 bucks ( this will do everything a newer rider would want and you can use power meters/HRMs with it. If you’re doing structured intervals I don’t think there is much on the market better than the Elemnt Bolt (personal opinion as a Bolt owner and user of TrainingPeaks).

Any chance you can elaborate a bit on what fields you are looking for? To my knowledge, most cycling computers should be able to display the basics, especially 3s/5s/10s smoothed power.

If you’re in the US, I believe (no personal experience) that Lezyne offers good GPSes with local support. I don’t know what Lezyne’s pricing is like in other countries. Bryton is another budget option that I’ve heard good things about (they’re based in Taiwan).

Funny, this is something I mulled over when my Wahoo mini was rendered obsolete by Wahoo’s app updates back in 2020. The mini was similar to the Magene—it had all the data I needed, got its GPS from a phone app, and then uploaded the data to Strava (I.e. no mapping). However, I did want mapping this time. For cost considerations I thought of a Bryton or a Lezyne, but my biggest concern with them was support after the sale. I didn’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars for a device, only to have it conk out after a year and then get crappy support on it. If the company didn’t stand by its product, here I’d be just buying another one. Not saying Lezyne or Bryton wouldn’t support me, but no one could answer that question out there. So I went with another Wahoo (admittedly with a deep discount, as Wahoo acknowledged they’d screwed me over with their app updates which essentially killed my Mini). As an aside, I’m so completely impressed by the new Elemnt Bolt I’ve had since the summer and haven’t looked back.

But the Magene’s price is so good, the fear of how it performs after a year is moot. I wouldn’t have a problem replacing it.

(And I’m not feeling the used Garmin thang at all. Never wanted to give them my money)