Is it normal for Corsa Control TLR to lose this much pressure?

Hi, purchased one of these and set one up tubeless on a Mavic Ksyrium Elite Disc wheel. Using 2.5 oz of normal Orange Seal and the Mavic Tubeless valve. The tires wouldn’t seat or hold air when I tried to seat them without sealant (hemorrhaged air out of the tread) but seated easily once I put the sealant in and hit them with the compressor and spun them.

They’re losing 35psi over 8 hours. I don’t think this is a wheel/tape issue. I’ve sprayed the wheel down with soapy water and haven’t seen any bubbles along the spoke holes and I pulled the valve and it looks clean inside the rim. I also just had a Mavic Tire on there which held pressure no problem.

Is this just a thing with these tires or did I get a dud? I ordered a Pirelli Cinturato TLR this morning as a replacement since I do all my rides at 4:50-5:15AM during the summer I like to inflate +5 psi the night before so I can leave without making a bunch of noise airing up my tires.

My Corsa Speeds needed 2x the amount sealant of other tyres not to leak. When I sprayed it with soapy water I found tiny bubbles on the sidewall.

Try adding 1-2oz more sealant.

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Turns out I am a moron. I ditched the soapy water spray method and filled a bucket with water and submerged the rim/tire and discovered an extremely slight bubble along the valve stem which couldn’t be fixed with tightening or loosening of the valve nut. Popped an old stans mtb valve in there and it passed the bucket test. Inflated to 80 and will check this evening and see if it’s holding air. This tire was notorious in reviews for not seating but oddly it’s been one of the easiest tires for me to mount/seat.


That may have fixed it - assuming you meant you saw it leaking literally from the stem itself - but air coming out of the valve stem hole in the rim is often a red herring since any air getting past the tape is likely to escape there and not through the spoke holes. Hope you solved it though!


I was fortunate to have experienced this feature with some tubes from a certain brand. It was effective for experimenting with lower tire pressures.

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Have you ridden on them yet? I find a short ride is a good way of getting everything to settle down.


Came here to suggest this. At my old shop we would always recommend people ride their tubeless wheels for at least a few minutes (10+) & do a few hard brakings to really get all the sealant everywhere it needed to be.