Is there some alternate of for SRAM AXS?

I’ve done some googling and didn’t really find anything, but maybe I’m not looking in the right section or missing something.

But was curious, anyone one of some SRAM version of

Just switching from DI2 to AXS and wanted to see what might be great tips and tricks to read about.



Not that I am aware of. SRAM’s own set up and tuning videos are very good. My tip is the Red cassettes are much better than the Force ones. In my case SRAM warrantied an unfixably-noisy Force 10-28 cassette with the Red equivalent. I have a different Force cassette on the trainer and the noise in the 4 smallest cogs is dreadful.


OK, cool. So my googling skills aren’t that bad. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip, will definitely keep that in mind and could see having trying what you did on the trainer. Red cassette - check.


Thanks for the love, I suppose! :slight_smile:

The main reason I haven’t done any SRAM stuff (apart from already owning a lot of Di2), is that the SRAM tutorial videos and info is actually easily available to consumers.

It’s (slightly) better now, but when I got started with Di2 a few years ago there was hardly any information available:)


Maybe they’re (available) but you need to find them. Having your own tips and tutorials on your site, which already is a leader in a niche, will bring you the SRAM army of users.

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I was thinking the same while listening to the recent CT podcast. I’ve gathered a lot of info about what really is compatible across the different drop and flat bar AXS components plus 3rd party manufacturers that isn’t in the official documents but I wouldn’t be able to do the topic full justice (especially with the better shifting bar set so high!)

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No need to limit it to SRAM shifting – I’d be immediately fond of a website that provided a usable index into SRAM technical materials, video or otherwise. I don’ think SRAM is going to get there soon, judging by the “pace” they improve their website.

It could be called, which appears to be available! If I didn’t love my day job, I’d register it immediately and get to work. :smiley:

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Hey, while we’re talking SRAM - I have a ASX Rival 46/33 chainset and a ASX Rival wide front derailleur.
Will they play nice or is the wide FD just for use with the wide gearing 43/30 chainset.
I’m assuming an issue might be the chainline being further out from the frame, but I can’t find anywhere that will simply say “DO NOT MIX” or “yeah, it’s all good”.

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You won’t be able to use their name as part of your domain name. It’s a trademark.

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The “wide” is for the wider chainline. It has nothing to do with the chainring tooth counts. Some of their cranks are available in both chainline specifications.
You may be able to get the “wide” front derailleur to work with the standard crank. It’s possible, though, that you won’t be able to back out the low limit screw enough to keep the chain from rubbing in the easiest gear.


Thanks mate. Yeah, I figured that out and we’ve just got a regular derailleur coming.