Is this forum and comments doomed in light of High Court decision?

This one is more for admin (and please feel free to delete if you wish) but in light of a recent High Court ruling in Australia in which a media outlet basically (in non-legal terms) can be liable for comments on their Facebook page are we going to see this close down?

In addition how will the general comments section go? I recently noted some being removed from a Lizzie Deignan article .

I note one topic of “products you would never buy again” which could be bothersome.

I hope not but fear this may be an issue and I’ve yet to show off half my steel bikes and the vintage page needs to kick off properly.

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Pretty sure a minor court ruling on a single FB case in just one country in the world (a ruling which may not even stand up even in it’s own tiny microcosm) is going to have zero impact on the hundreds of thousands of online forums on the web around the world–an imaginary tempest in a teapot, at best.


I’m no defamation lawyer Gordon but I suspect the issue is more to do with people posting highly slanderous, offensive comments on FB articles than questions about whether SRAM is value for money

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I agree Jules and think that is the case but some comments about Lizzie D (nothing nasty, just wishing her three missed tests were questioned) were removed and I also note there was an article by Iain about the Shimano 100 year book (posted online the day I received mine) that was gone the next morning. It wasn’t favourable.

Wondering where it will start and stop as both items were pretty “vanilla”.

I’m also concerned the average punter won’t be able to express their true feelings about tradies.