It's here, it's here! The INEOS Grenadier! Can we get a Cycling Tips review?

Now we know what a car magazine says, but what about a cycling publication?

I know this isn’t new, new, but maybe we can get Cycling Tips to do a thorough breakdown on the Grenadier as a cycling rig? Ideally w/ some commentary on the environmental lifecycle of the Grenadier and bet on how likely it is that Ratcliffe would ever transition the Grenadier to an EV platform. I always wondered if he’d ever do that, or just treat this truck as a refuge for gas aficionados or people in countries where the EV transition will take decades.

Can’t say that the article seems overwhelmingly positive.
It appears that you’re paying a high price for something that is quite old fashioned.

Is it the equivalent of paying £10,000 for a rim brake bike in 2022?

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Have you looked up the prices of classic steel framesets recently?

Off the charts.

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I’ve been very excited about this vehicle and was glad to see it rise from the ashes of the Defender which is now just another Range Rover product aimed at people who work in marketing and occasionally drive on a dirt road on the way to their AirBnB. Obviously compared to a modern unibody luxury SUV its onroad manners are as awful as a previous Defender but for an overlander this looks fantastic, would prefer literally any other Engine than this though, give me a Nissan VQ or a Toyota 1KD-FTV. Interior is phenomenal, more cars should have dashes inspired by commercial aircraft.

That’s actually a really interesting idea: Cars of the WorldTour reviews.

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It’s about time we get some good reviews of criminally-underrated wagons before they totally die out in the U.S.


I’m all ready to be nostalgic for the days of “we don’t sell these for under sticker because they’re hard to find” when you’re buying and "Oh we can’t give you blue book for the trade because the market for these is so small " when selling