Kitchen table bike repair stand/clamp?

Hi all

I live in a small flat without room for a proper repair stand. Does anyone know of a repair stand that could clamp temporarily to the edge of a kitchen table?

I know there are bench mounted stands that can be bolted to the table but I’m not keen on drilling holes in the table.

I think I can see something that might suit in this CT feature from a while ago - if anyone knows the contact details for the author Francis Lim please let me know.


You could simply reply to Mr. Lim at the bottom of the CT feature, and ask him–but, I don’t think he is using any clamp-to-table set up, as the stand appears to have feet, if you blow the picture up to focus just on the stand.


Very well spotted - thank you.

Couldn’t you mount the bench-mounted stand on a piece of wood and clamp the piece of wood to the kitchen table?