Kumano - Kii Peninsula ride

Autumn here in Japan; time to go touring. The route this time was from home in Osaka, pretty much straight South-East to the ocean. The main routes have long tunnels with too much traffic, so I chose a route that went over the mountains instead.

Mostly clothes in the bags so the full setup was fairly light. There was a second rear light at the back of the seat bag but at this point (60km of city riding) it had already bounced off somewhere. The only place to mount the Varia was below the height of the tyre, it kind of worked but regularly caught ghost contacts.

Best part of riding in Japan, the quiet forest roads.

I knew this was coming but it still hurt. 10 to 18 percent for a good 5km; still better than dealing with tunnels. Given the tiny tunnel at the top, I was surprised to see any cars at all.

One way. No lights.

Just passing through Dorogawa, a small hot spring town.

Aaaaand my first puncture in a few thousand km. Running a tube because this tyre doesn’t work tubeless any more, not being able to plug it sucks.

Up the stunning Mitarai valley.

Top of the climb - another ancient, dark tunnel. There’s also a parking lot for hiking in this world heritage area.

Finally arrived in town. Was hoping to see some stars but with the Autumn moon it wasn’t much darker than back in the city.

Day 2

The beach here is very grey. On the other side of the peninsula, a major beach brought in some white sand from Perth - this might be why.

Fresh fish marketplace! Closed every Tuesday! I want tuna! Fortunately, other small stores were selling small packs of fresh fish not too far away.

RESEARCH! (Do the Non-Australians get this? The location is Taiji, if you’re familiar with The Cove).

Interesting looking bridge. Of course I’m riding it!

Southernmost point on Honshu, the main island of Japan. There’s a camp site here too.

This route (2nd day only) was mainly following the Pacific Ocean Cycle Route. My Garmin had the route on screen but having a blue line to follow made navigation much simpler. Still goes through a bunch of tunnels, it’s not a separated bike lane or anything. The full course is 1,400km.

There’s a sign at the far end of this bridge saying “No entry, bridge is broken.”

The route followed a much larger road but there were a few of these detours towards the end. More climbing but more fun.

Should have tried calling my mobile with this.

Rolled into Shirahama to take the train home.

Day 1: 170km, 2450m up
Day 2: 160km, 1475m up


Amazing…do you have a map of the entire route that we can see?

Sure. Day 1, Day 2.
And using Veloviewer:


Thanks so much for sharing this @Jeremy.Chin - I’ll be sure to include it in the VC newsletter this week!

Thanks @Jeremy.Chin - I hope I can remember to look up this ride if we ever get to travel again…