Lace up shoes for people with big feet

Ok so I have feet that are a foot long (Euro 47, Mondo 30.5) and fairly wide (110mm).

I got interested at the announcement of new lace up shoes from UDog but they don’t make shoes my size.

Any suggestions for a decent, reasonably priced lace up road shoe for those of us with a good grip on the mother country? I currently use an old and rather worn out pair of Specs but I’m not ponying for their S works lace ups.

I have 47 empires slx that I’ve been using for most of the last 5 years and I would say it’s great for my feet. I’m not a fan of the less expensive empires as I find the upper material too tight. I prefer thinner material for my shoes and I find it more forgiving for my feet.

Thanks, I was under the impression that the Empires were a relatively narrow fit and the “high volume” option doesn’t seem to be available here. Interested to now if that’s not the case.

Yeah, shoes are very subjective and I would say that if trying them on at a shop is possible then I would do that.